Students pack first open mic

By Anessia Hubler Sun Star Reporter

Red lights lit up the stage signaling the start of open mike night at Arctic Java on September 3rd.

Over fifty students came flooding in at eight pm, to hear and perform songs and poetry. All the chairs were filled as students spread out on the floor and stairway.

A student performs at the first open mic at Arctic Java on September 3rd.

A student performs at the first open mic at Arctic Java on September 3rd.

Student worker, Sophmore Eric Richards said staff worked hard to organize the event, scheduling stage time, making flyers, setting up the mics and speakers as well as a sign up sheet.

“We really wanted to get everyone out of their rooms so that they could be mixed together before the first day of class to make it a little easier on them and it looks like it’s been successful,” said Rickards

Music has been something many people have loved throughout the years but freshman Japanese and Art student Jaliana Bibb felt rather strong on the subject.

“I’ve been doing this since I was a little girl, it’s always given me a way to express myself and and help people relate to one another.”

Bibb performed one of her songs she wrote herself called “MY Home,” a song about traveling and feeling out of place, even when she was somewhere she was suppose to feel at home.

“I felt it would be relevant since other student might feel the same at the college campus,” she said.

Singing was not the only thing causing a buzz that night, poets took the stage as well.

“I felt so nervous getting up on stage in front of such a large group of people,” said, Senior Biochemistry student Andrew Miller. He recited a poem he wrote right before open mic

“My teachers, friends, and family always said I was super good at poetry and that it made them happy, so I came down here today to make people happy.” he said.

Even though some people didn’t  get up and perform they still had fun making new friends and listening to the songs and poems that night

“I thought it would be more fun than sitting in my room,” said Freshman Jessica Herzog, happily clapping along to a song.

“My favorite piece was the the guy who sang the Japanese Karaoke sounding song at the end.” stated sophomore Computer Science student Trace Braxling  “ I liked it so much because he was so enthusiastic and that made it very entertaining.”

There will be another open mic night held in the Arctic Java on September 17, at 7 PM .

“You can sing, read poetry, do comedy, or just come and have a good time hanging out with friends. Also the Arctic Java will be open to buy drinks and snacks” said Rickards.

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