Students pack Pub for Superbowl

Julie Herrmann/ Sun Star Reporter

Feb. 4, 2014

More than 100 students filled the pub during the viewing of Superbowl XLVIII.  The game featured the Seahawks, an underdog team who had been to and lost one Superbowl, and the Denver Broncos who had been to five Superbowls and won twice. Many students had strong feelings and weren’t afraid to show it, others picked their team by chance.

Journalism graduate Terry Anderson isn’t into sports, but she chose to cheer for the Seattle Seahawks because of Macklemore. “Macklemore chose their name from an old Seattle player,” Anderson said. “I think they will absolutely win.”

“I think the Seahawks will pull it off, no problem,” said UAF alumna Stephanie Walden. She was supposed to be on a boat in the middle of the Bering Sea during the game, but returned to Fairbanks due to a medical emergency. She chose to cheer for the Seahawks because she’s spent time in Seattle and her crew mates are all Seahawks fans.

“I’ve only watched one quarter,” said Mechanical engineering student, Sam Joslin. He didn’t root for either team, but thought the Seahawks would win.

“I’m indifferent, but I do like [Broncos quarterback Peyton] Manning,” said Fairbanks resident Andrew Gadow. At the start of the fourth quarter with the Seahawks leading by 28 points, he didn’t think the Broncos would be able to pull an upset. “It’s been surprising,” Gadow said. “I thought the game would be a lot closer.”

OIT staff member Josiah Borkovec wore blue and orange stripes on his face and had a good reason for being frustrated. “I bet my dad $100 the Seahawks would lose,” Borkovec said. He likes the Broncos because  he likes Colorado better than Washington, and because his dad is a big fan of the Broncos.

Borkovec held out that the Broncos could win even as the fourth quarter started with a 36-8 score. “There’s always hope,” Borkovec said.

The Seahawks won the game 43-8.


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