Study finds link between Tilly food and blatant disappointment among students who want to get their money’s worth

Lakeidra Chavis/ Fun Star Reporter

April 1, 2014

According to a study published Monday, there is a high correlation between blatant disappointment and general disgust with food served at the Lola Tilly Commons, and students who had hoped to get their money’s worth.

The study, published in “Academic Food Journal Today,” found that frequent intake of the food caused students severe disappointment, apathy and boredom.

“Our team found that the food was really just too plain and boring,” lead researcher Maria Cosohovo said, “Students who kept eating the food for more than a semester said that eventually it just all tasted the same.”

The Tilly serves breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the week. Meal plans range from $1,600 to nearly $2,500.

According to the cafeteria’s staff, the food is of quality and is prepared fresh. However, researchers found that one of the leading causes of apathy was the fact that vegetarian dishes often include meat. That claim didn’t sit well with some of the cafeteria’s chefs. 

“We cook this food fresh every day,” said Chef Joe Backster, as he pointed to a shelf filled with super-sized canned food and dehydrated eggs.



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