Summer sessions heats things up with exciting programs

Brady Gross/Sun Star Reporter
May 7, 2013

Even though the spring semester is wrapping up, there are a lot of opportunities for students to continue their education at UAF this summer. 

Summer Sessions and Lifelong Learning are offering 582 different classes in three different time schedules from May 28 through Aug. 16, with special weekend courses throughout the summer as well.

Taking classes here at UAF during the summer months can offer opportunities for shorter academic periods, deals on tuition in certain circumstances and class admittance is also not limited to current UAF students. SSLL’s mission stands as an opportunity “to provide support for our students to graduate sooner with less debt; partake in genuine, once-in-a-lifetime Alaska experiences and to offer unique, educational opportunities for our community.”

SSLL offers three main session lengths for classes this summer. The first session of classes is from May 28 to July 3 and is six weeks long. The second six-week session is from July 8 to Aug. 16. There is also a full summer session that extends from May 28 to Aug. 16.

In addition, there are weekend sessions that offer a different experience to cover smaller credit and non-credit courses over a single weekend. A few examples of classes offered are  “Understanding Your Digital Camera,” “Fly-fishing” and “Introduction to Alaska’s Flora.”

UAF students taking 10 credits or more during the summer sessions can qualify for the SSLL “Sweet Summer Deal.” The “Sweet Summer Deal” will pay for any credits beyond 10, up to 14 credits, that a student successfully completes. According to SSLL’s website the only catch to the program is that the student must complete their courses with a “C” or higher to ensure payment coverage.

There are two $500 “R.G. & Onnie V. Bouchum/La Shina R. Jones Memorial Summer Scholarships” available for UAF sophomores, juniors and seniors. In addition SSLL will offer three-credit tuition awards for qualifying continuing and new UAF undergraduate students.

For any additional information on these financial aid programs, students are encouraged to contact the SSLL office at (907) 474-7021 or stop by at 216 Eielson between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Summer sessions are also not limited to currently accepted UAF Students. As long as you meet the appropriate prerequisites, a course may be taken by anyone. SSLL reminds though that a student must be admitted to UAF degree program to become eligible for financial aid.

Courses offered through UAF’s Course Finder include specialized courses and general studies courses in majors ranging from Anthropology to Communications to Woman’s Studies. Important prerequisites like Human Anatomy and Fundamentals of Biology I and II for example, are being offered and allow students to finish a year of classwork in 12 weeks.

Classes are open for registration now through UAOnline and the SSLL website at

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