Sun Star Picks, Jan. 31-Feb. 6

Tuesday, January 31

Do you like sports? And sports things? It’s not too late to sign up for intramural sports this semester! The deadline on Feb. 3 is coming right up, so if you’re interested in participating go to to sign up for basketball, ice hockey, competitive or recreational soccer, ultimate frisbee or volleyball! – Molly Putman / Layout Editor

Wednesday, February 1

The first week of the new administration has been a rough one. If you’re feeling dismayed, frustrated or all around pissed off, head to the Hess Rec Wednesday evening at 6 p.m. for Winter Laser Tag where you can shoot things and get angry with the added bonus of not getting arrested! – Erin Granger / Staff Writer

Thursday, February 2

Alaska is a pretty interesting place and there has been a lot of interesting scientific research on it. If you want to learn about some of the cool things that UAF scientists have learned about our state you can check out the IARC Research Salon Series lecture on Feb. 2, from noon -1:15 p.m. in 501 Akasofu. The speakers will talk about the atmosphere, land, sea ice and ocean around and in Alaska. – Josh Hartman / Staff Writer

Friday, February 3

If you’re feeling up for a mystery, you could check out Murder One Sip at a Time, which runs from 5:30 – 9 p.m. today along Second Avenue in the downtown core. Participants visit local business to find clues and try to identify the fictitious killer. Though that does legitimately sound like fun, this semester has hit me like a truck carrying a bunch of other trucks, so I’m probably going to stay in and play some video games to try and relax. To each their own, right?– Spencer Tordoff / Editor-in-Chief

Saturday, February 4

Are you participating in a relationship? The Valentine’s Ball at Pioneer Park from 7:30-10:30 p.m. tonight might be the event for you. $15 for the general public and $10 for students or members of the military. Or, you know, you could gear up for Valentine’s Day the way I always do: by realizing you’re one of those annoying single people who makes the holiday miserable for couples who are actually celebrating their love. – Kyrie Long / Copy Editor

Sunday, February 5

Starting at 11a.m. and going until 5 p.m., the Outdoor adventures Office in the SRC are taking a group of students out to the Tanana Lakes Area for ice skating. It costs $15 to attend, but skates are provided if you don’t have any. Make sure to sign up soon, before all of the spots are taken! – Ben Ellis / Web Editor

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