Sun Star Picks, March 28-April 3

Tuesday, March 28

Northern blessings are upon you. The prophets at the Geophysical Institute have prophesied that God is organising a ‘Strong Aurora Week’ starting today. Also, I heard from the angel of safety about more blessings if watched in groups. – Tauseef Mahmood / Staff Photographer

Wednesday, March 29

Get your Grinch on: “4 p.m., wallow in self pity. 4:30, stare into the abyss. 5 p.m., solve world hunger, tell no one. 5:30, jazzercize. 6:30, dinner with yourself. 7 p.m., wrestle with self-loathing. 9 p.m. Lay in bed, stare at the ceiling and slip slowly into madness.” – Molly Putman / Layout Editorr

Thursday, March 30

Nothing to do Thursday afternoon? Come to Elisabet Curbelo’s guest lecture on sensory technology and electronic music from 1 – 2 p.m. at the UAF Davis Concert Hall. Or at the very least hear about the lecture, think to yourself ‘wow that sounds really cool. I think I’ll go.’ then promptly forget about it until 1:15 at which point you’ll feel too awkward about coming in late to attend. – Paige Gieck / Staff Writer

Friday, March 31

With climate change destroying everything it might be a good idea to know how living stuff interacts with changes in the environment. Monica Geber, a professor from Cornell University, will be giving a Life Science Hour seminar on Friday at 3 p.m. in the Murie Auditorium. The seminar is titled “Ecology and evolution of species’ geographic ranges.” Josh Hartman / Staff Writer

Saturday, April 1

Calling all artists, you should bring your artwork to the Bear Gallery for their spring juried exhibition, Convergence. The exhibition is open to a variety of artistic mediums. Drop your stuff off between noon-6 p.m. Check out the Fairbanks Arts Association’s website for more information about entry fees and details about the show. – Sarah Manriquez / Photo Editor

Sunday, April 2

I would tell you to show up to our freelancer meeting in room 305 Constitution Hall at 1 p.m. today but that means I have faith that you, dear reader, want money in exchange for work. And God knows nobody wants that anymore. Instead, I’ll let you know that for $5 you can sign up with Outdoor Adventures Office and hop on the Skiland Shuttle at the SRC to ski and escape this campus for awhile. Or forever. If you don’t come back I won’t blame you. – Kyrie Long / Copy Editor

Monday, April 3

It’s the weekend! Take a break, you’ve earned it. Actually, I’m being informed that it’s not the weekend, but actually the start of the week. Let me issue a correction. It’s Monday! Take a break, you’ve earned it.Spencer Tordoff / Editor-in-Chief

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