Sun Star Picks, May 3 – 9

Lida Zakurdaew / Sun Star

Tuesday, May 3

The Reel Paddling Film Festival has been showcasing paddling films from around the world. For the first time ever, Fairbanks Paddlers and REI are bringing the tour to Fairbanks. Come to the Blue Loon tonight at 7:30 p.m. to “be inspired to explore rivers, lakes and oceans, push extremes, embrace the paddling lifestyle and appreciate the wild places.” Admission is $10.

Wednesday, May 4

I dare you to go the whole day without making that cliche Star Wars joke. Please.

Also, weekly open dance practice begins tonight at 7 p.m. at the Pioneer Park Dance Center. These practices are hosted every Wednesday or the summer by the Ballroom Dance Club of Fairbanks. Music and dance styles vary based on the wishes of the attendees. Admission is $3 which goes towards putting on dances and bringing up future instructors.

Thursday, May 5

Today is a holiday. I suggest celebrating at Taco Azteca.

And be sure to wish the new Editor in Chief, Supreme Leader Spencer Tordoff, a happy birthday!

Friday, May 6

It’s first Friday! Go enjoy your local Fairbanks art! There will be new displays of art at shops all over town, including graduating student Teal Booth’s exhibition in the Fine Arts Complex gallery.

Saturday, May 7

KSUA’s last DJ meeting of the semester is today at noon in Constitution Hall. Rumor has it there will be food and awards, so you should probably go check it out and learn about DJ opportunities for the summer and next fall.

Sunday, May 8

Today at 1 p.m. in the Pioneer Park Bear Gallery the Fairbanks Community Writer’s Group is meeting. Come learn from some of Fairbanks most involved writers about their craft and show some of your own for critique.

Monday, May 9

It’s time to move out and say farewell to another beautiful year at the wonderful and ever-logical UAF. Residence halls close today at noon. But don’t you worry! In the fall you can return and possibly even bring your firearms, too!

In other news, today is the first day of MAYmester classes and attendance is required. So no skipping class! Or you may get dropped.

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