Sun Star Picks, Oct. 6 – Oct. 12

Tuesday, October 6

Akasofu Building 417, UAF Research Showcase with Rich Boone at 1:00 p.m. Come out and hear Rich Boone talk about his research in Biochemistry of Terrestrial Ecosystems and Global Change. Even if your degree is Art, you should still come out and hear a man’s hardworking research. – Aaron Walling / Advertising Manager

Wednesday, October 7

According to the Pub’s calendar, there’s a Scavenger Hunt there at 9:00 p.m. Is there a cost for admission? Prizes? Drink specials? Those are all excellent questions that I am ill-equipped to answer, because UAF organizations seem deeply allergic to adding descriptions or external links to calendar entries. The Pub is by no means alone in this sin; try to find details for events happening at Wood Center, for example, and you’ll often turn up a whole lot of nothing. But, institutional obfuscation and poor web design standards aside, I’m going to suggest the Scavenger Hunt this week because I generally approve of scavenger hunts. And also beer. – Spencer Tordoff / Web Editor

Thursday, October 8

Open Mic Night at College Coffeehouse at 8 p.m. Didn’t get enough college improv last week at Arctic Java’s open mic night?! Good thing College Coffeehouse is holding another one! You can go sing, dance, rap and even stand up on stage and say nothing. If you aren’t the type of person who enjoys being in front of a crowd doing embarrassing things, then sit in the crowd and listen to people do their thing. – Zayn Roohi / Photo Editor

Friday, October 9

Comedy Night with Andrew Schulz at the Blue Loon at 8 p.m. You too can show up for a night of fun and frivolity!!!! An MTV2 star is coming to Alaska and that’s about as exciting as anything else going on. Laughter is never a bad way to spend your Friday night, especially if that laughter includes drinks, to my understanding. However, if you’re like me and can’t get into 21+ events, you could sit in the parking lot and watch clips from Schulz’s show on YouTube. Then you could drive your older friends home and wake up the next morning hang over free. – Kyrie Long / Copy Editor

Saturday, October 10

Hannah Yoter Band at the Pub at 9 p.m. Self-described as a sound that “sits right in the middle of Americana roots and classic country”, the Hannah Yoter Band is playing a free show this Saturday at The Pub so you might as well check it out if that sort of thing is your jam. Or maybe if you’re not sure if it’s your jam but think it might be. It’s free so why not! Of course, if you aren’t 21 yet they won’t let you in. If that’s the case, my recommendation is to stay home and do something wild, like make a pillow fort! Because honestly, when was the last time you made a pillow fort? Pillow forts kick ass. – Molly Putman / Layout Editor

Sunday, October 11

A valid Polar Express card will grant you free skate rental and recreational skating at the Patty Center Ice Rink.  Take advantage of your athletics fee money by strapping on a pair of skates for the hour-long rec skate starting at 11:30 a.m.  It’s a great way to get some exercise in without suffering a run or gym session! – Danny Fisher / Editor-in-Chief

Monday, October 12

Are you a dancer like me? Does the thought of ballroom dance get you all in a tither? Come to the Jazzercise Studio of the Old Steese @7 p.m. for swing dance lessons! If you are new to swing dancing – or dance at all – this is a great way to start. It’s easy to learn, and so much fun. No experience is necessary and no partner is needed. Bring shoes with clean soles (preferably somewhat smooth). Loaner shoes available! For students, a five class package costs $30. More information can be found at their website, or by calling Margo Matthews at (907) 388-0254. – Lida Zakurdaew / Distribution Manager

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