Spoiler Alert: The Devil's Carnival review

John Seiler/Sun Star Columnist
October 30, 2012

Director: Darren Lynn Bousman (Repo: The Genetic Opera)

Starring: Terrance Zdunich, Sean Patrick Flanery,DaytonCallie

Release Date: Out now on DVD

In 2008, Darren Lynn Bousman teamed with Terrance Zdunich and released the fantastic “Repo: The Genetic Opera,” a dark musical with bits of cyberpunk, blood and gore. After going there ways on different projects, they have re-teamed for The Devil’s Carnival.

The musical follows three people as there about to die. John, committing suicide after the loss of his son, Tamara, who’s being killed by an abusive boyfriend and Ms. Merrywood, a thief who is shot by police. As they walk the grounds of the carnival they have to face there personal demons.

Much like Repo, the songs that connect the narrative is the highlight the film. As the characters continue through the carnival, the songs tell the story of there gilt and sins. John wanders as he tries to find his son in the twisted carnival. Tamara frees The Scorpion who she instantly becomes infatuated with and agrees to be in her knife throwing routine. For Ms. Merrywood, greed gets out of control as she tries to win a gigantic diamond. Each character slips deeper in to damnation as they break the 666 rules that were laid to them.

as songs go, John is the weakest simply for being the biggest difference tonally to the other songs. Tamara and Ms. Merrywood stories while dark are told in this Danny Elfman-esque kind of goofy and silly way. John’s though is dark and grim and not particularly great. It probably also doesn’t help that his songs are the worst of the film.

It’s also nice to see the return of certain cast members from Repo throughout the film. Alexa Vega, Bill Mosley, Paul Sorvino to name a few all return to fill out a pretty stacked cast.

The costumes and set pieces are also impressive. Each character had a great design while they performed a pretty elaborate stage. Terrance Zdunich as Lucifer particularly had a pretty great look.

Only 55 minutes, The Devil’s Carnival is a short but enjoyable experience. The film brings this up as a part one of a three part story with filmmakers saying filming starts late this year. If I cant catch the stage show, I hope to see part two soon as possible.

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