The ghost of Tom Steers is haunting the office

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The Sun Star is great a great place to work during the day when everyone else is around and it's light outside, however, the place has a bit of a different aesthetic at 3 a.m. when it's dark and the building is empty. Photo created by Kathryn Reichert/Sun Star

So, it’s 3 a.m. at the office and I’m still here working on stuff because I’m an insane person. I can hear Constitution Hall’s old piping system as I work. The ambiance of rattles and pops are no stranger to me, however, this night offers a different sound. I can make out the faint noise of someone rattling the door handle to the office.

‘Maybe someone is trying to get into the office,’ I think. So I walk out of my room into the office’s main area and I look through the door’s glass window. No one is there. I step closer to peer into the bright fluorescent hallway. Still, no one appears to be around.

At about this time I text my friend Chris, who has a similarly offset (read: “insane” -Ed.) work-sleep schedule. I ask Chris if he would like to work with me at the office.

Then I hear someone rattling the office doorknob again. Maybe Chris got into the building somehow and he’s letting me know in the creepiest way possible. So again, I walk into the main area and look through the office’s main door. There’s no sign of Chris or anyone else for that matter. I shiver with a combination of the events and nighttime chill of the office.

I continue to work at my desk waiting for a reply from Chris, listening to the sound of the wind clawing at the windows. Occasionally, I hear the door rattle which I rationalized to be a pipe somewhere in the main area. Despite this, I still go out to check the door every second or third time the noise happens.

I hear the noise again accompanied by my phone’s text tone.

“Leaving the library now,” Chris wrote.

So I look out the office door again, planning to meet Chris at the entrance. The hallway is empty as ever yet as I walk up to the door and put my hand on the knob I hear a slight scraping sound that causes me to hesitate. I scan up and down the hallway, although the scraping noise gave me a healthy level of paranoia I force myself to open the door and step out.

I decide that it’s best that I don’t linger in the hallway and I hustle down the hallway toward the stairway. As I get a few steps away from the office door I hear a rustling behind me.

Someone is behind me.

I whirl around to see the empty hallway, papers and fliers shifting harmlessly on the wall. I stop for a moment to watch the papers try to escape the tacks holding them to the wall. Then I hurry along down the stairs to the arctic entrance where I find Chris waiting.

I greet him with my eerie story explaining all the details and we have a laugh at my active imagination. We sit in the back room of the office to work together. Soon after we sit and get adjusted we hear the soft rattle of the doorknob that I had decided was a particularly audible pipe.

“I know you just told me that noise was a pipe but I still had that initial feeling like someone was coming in,” Chris said and we laughed at the situation.

Chris and I continued to work all the while taking breaks to talk about one topic or another. Finally, a much louder noise broke the silence. We both could hear the very audible sound of someone grasping the doorknob and scraping their key against the lock’s tumblers.

“So that is definitely someone coming in?” Chris said.

“It sounds like it,” I replied. “But they haven’t come in yet. Maybe they’re having trouble with the door?”

I walk out to the door to find, once again, nobody in the hallway. Before I can continue walking toward the door I hear the key-against-tumbler sound again coming from the Editor-in-Chief’s personal office.

That’s weird, maybe Spencer returned and I didn’t hear him come in?

After a moment of hesitation, I start walking toward the Editor-in-Chief’s office, as I walk I can see the Library through the windows. By this time Chris has just walked out of the back room to help me investigate.

I take another step closer to the Editor-in-Chief’s office. Then I take another step closer and I can peer through the door at the interior. I take one more step closer.

A loud scraping sound and thud fills the office as a white and yellow object slams against the window.

Chris and I jump back with a start. Several seconds pass before I say anything.

Then I look at Chris and laugh.

“That noise was the Sun Star banner being pushed around by the wind, it’s scraping up against the side of the building,” I said. “I could have sworn that it was a tumbler sound though.”

Chris and I both laugh about our fear of a banner and walked back to our seats.

This story is still developing, check back later for updates on my sanity levels.

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