Then & Now: 40 Below Club

Sfraga_40BelowClubStaff Report

Feb. 25, 2014

In the spring of ’83, Vice Chancellor of Student and University Advancement Mike Sfraga, at the time a student at UAF, posed for a photo in reportedly minus 60 degree temperatures.

“In 1983 Larry Klein, a master’s degree student in oceanography, and I braved the January weather to take an ill-advised photo on the roof of the Mods. More popularly nicknamed by the students “the train wreck,” these ATCO-type units were a popular (yet chilly) housing alternative to our more traditional residence halls. Upper classman had priority to live in the units. The “train wreck” was comprised of multi-story units layered one on top of the other crossways – resembling stacked train cars – running east to west and west to east.

The complex was located on the east side of the hill headed down from Moore Hall to Lathrop Hall – adjacent to Cooper Lane. The structure was removed many years ago….,” Sfraga commented in an official response to the photo. 

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