There are no words

Lakeidra Chavis and Julie Herrmann

April 29, 2014


There are moments in our lives, in which words are not enough to fill the empty spaces that have been left behind.

On April 26, a UAF student named Jason Bourne shot himself behind the Culter Apartment Complex near the ski trails.

Bourne has the same name as a well-known book series, which has been made into a series of films that are even more popular.

He was studying wildlife biology and was a well-liked musician on campus, according to the people who knew him.

The suicide has rocked our campus to its core.

And in the following days, months and years as the people closest to him try to cope with their loss, we give them our condolences.

As a newspaper, it is our job to inform others of the resources available in an effort to prevent harm of any kind.

Alaska’s suicide rate is twice the national average, with men committing more suicides than women, according to the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics.

But on campus, the suicide rates are much smaller. The last suicide reported on campus occurred last spring semester during finals week.

For people who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts or depression, there are people on campus and in town who are here to help.

The UAF Student Health and Counseling Center offers six counseling sessions at no cost to students who have paid the student health center fee, which every student taking at least nine credits has to pay. Additional sessions are $15.

The Psychology Department also offers inexpensive counseling sessions, provided by graduate students and overseen by a licensed psychologist. There is no charge for the initial intake appointment. Subsequent appointments are $10. There are many other counseling resources in Fairbanks that are available through a simple google search.

Free help includes the national suicide prevention hotline is 1-800-273-8255. Several national suicide prevention organizations websites including, and provide information and help for anyone.

No one deserves to suffer, especially in silence.

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