This Week in Music – April 28, 2011

Alyssa Dunehew / Sun Star Columnist
April 28, 2011

Music, music, music! I’ve been waiting all week to share these, so finally, here they are! I’ve got some of the most amazing dubstep I’ve found so far, two new albums, and a foreign phone commercial that will blow your classical music mind.

From Mortal Kombat to Ellie Goulding, and Bob Marley in between, here’s some great dubstep, sit-in-the-sun, and party banger tracks to get your Springfest on to.

I also listened to two new albums this week, by Incubus and Augustana. Both albums are mellow but pleasing to the ear. Good tracks from the Incubus album If Not Now, When? include “Isadore”, “In The Company Of Wolves”, and “Adolescents”, which has a caliber more like “Anna Molly” from their 2009 album,  Monuments and Melodies. The new album is set to release on July 12 of this summer, so don’t miss it!

The San Francisco band Augustana released their self-titled album on April 26. According to iTunes, “Just Stay Here Tonight” is the most popular so far, followed by “Counting Stars” and “Steal Your Heart.” Unfortunately, it seems as if they’ve practically fired their pianist; many of their older songs had beautiful piano riffs, and it’s practically non-existent in this album. However, if you like bands like Lifehouse, you’ll probably appreciate this album.

Last, but not least, I found an amazing video that I must share.  The video is beautifully filmed, and features hundreds of feet of wooden blocks, lined up in a forest, fashioned into a xylophone. A wood ball is rolled down the blocks, and the tune of Bach’s Cantata 147, “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” can be heard. As the ball hit’s each block, a not of the song sounds. At the end of the three-minute video, one comes to realize that the video is really a commercial for the DOCOMO Touch Wood SH-08C phone. Absolutely amazing.

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