Tim Donst interview and "Under the Hood" preview

John Seiler/Sun Star Columnist
December 4, 2012

When most people think of pro wrestling, they think of what they see on TV every week, but there are companies that are trying to offer something a little different.

Chikara Pro, is a Philadelphia based pro wrestling promotion that borrows wrestling styles from all over the world and creates something unique and fun. With the emphasis on family friendly atmosphere, it showcases so much without the feeling of talking down to its audience. A single show could offer high flying tag team bouts, sinister ice cream luchadores, hard hitting single bouts, inter-gender singles match with the best competitors in the world and much more.

Sunday, Dec. 2, Chikara will be running an event from Philadelphia called “Under the Hood” that will end on season 11, their 11th year in business. In years past, the event would end year long feuds, leave cliffhangers for next season and have exciting moments and this year seems like the most exciting season ending yet. For people who cannot see it live, Chikara is running an internet pay-per-view and viewers will be able to see it live and own their copy after the event.

“Under The Hood” boasts seven big matches including current Grand Champion Eddie Kingston vs. Tim Donst. I talked to Donst about several things including:

  • His career in Chikara
  • His history with Eddie Kingston
  • His grand plan
  • and more

“Under the Hood” can be seen Sunday Dec. 2, at Smartmarkvideo.com with a noon start time.

Listen to the interview here and find the event here.


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