Tobacco risks

Amber Sandlin
Sun Star Reporter

Senior Tara Hutchison and friend, Forrest Harris, dances during the Tobacco Concert Sponsored by Student Activities Office at the Wood Center Ballroom Oct-30.

A Saturday, Oct. 30 night Wood Center Ballroom concert by the musician Tobacco turned into a tripped-out rave. The UAF Concert Board described Tobacco as having a sound that “engulfs a psychedelic, indie & electronic soundscape while break-beat hip hop beats flowing seamlessly underneath it to be things fresh n’ lively.” At the concert were screens portraying graphic scenes, including sexual images taken from adult films and footage from horror movies. The concert was not advertised as 18 and older and several minors attended.

Ashley Mclure, a junior at West Valley High School said that the concert was “more weird” than she expected. Mclure was at the concert with a fellow classmate. As the lights continued to change, Tobacco pulled out a guitar and a microphone and started to chant. Some in the audience cheered.

Katie Tasky, a junior at UAF, said the concert was “alright.” Tasky was part of a small group of people dancing.

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