Tracking the 200: Day 3, Part 1

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  1. Nicole Chua says:

    “Jesse, it’s okay!” said Keill. “You can take your pants off (and put on shorts). No one will see!” Swibold started to change when Bippy appeared around a bend in the road. Swibold let out a shout of surprise and quickly pulled his pants back up.

    By 10:26 the team had reached the quarter mark of the race. Less then an hour later Keill’s worst fears were confirmed when a boy no older then 13 peddled by. “We’re being beaten by a 12 year old,” he said, sadly.

    these two paragraphs were my highlight xD onward glad this is finally posted up. Jon has been postponing telling me tales…gonna bombard him tonight =p And thankyou for the nice followup on the race 😀

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