UAF Adds 2 Voices To Education Advisory Task Force

Don Derosier / Sun Star Reporter
August 31, 2010

Governor Parnell appointed two University of Alaska members, Fred Villa and Lolly Carpluk, to the Education Advisory Task Force on July 22, to aid students in higher education and readiness.

The Education Advisory Task Force (EATF) was crafted into the Senate Bill 221, in connection with the Alaska Merit Scholarship Program, allowing the task force to facilitate Alaskan students in college and career endeavors, as well as improving remediation issues in postsecondary institutions.

Fred Villa, the UA Associate Vice President for Workforce Programs and father of eight children, gladly notes that communication at any level of schooling gives him a broader perspective in helping the EATF.

“Remediation education is necessary,” said Villa. “We need outreach to employment, with degrees and certification viable for anyone seeking a higher education. Bridging the gap in employment and secondary levels of education will help our young people succeed.”

In relation to the UAF student body, Villa hopes the expectations for current and future students will be met, in raising the rate of completed graduates and instilling a sense of accomplishment after years of educational experience.

Lolly Carpluk, a UAF Coordinator for the Native Teacher Preparation Project, also received a seat on the EATF and will be one of the upcoming speakers to propose applicable solutions to the problems at hand.

The next meeting will take place September 1 and 2 in the Regents conference room. A select group of members will present perceptions in their higher expertise on higher education and readiness, followed by a half-hour of Q & A.



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