Police Blotter: September 9 – 15, 2013

This report is based on the information published by the University Police Department. Individuals arrested and/or charged with crimes in this report are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Shae Bowman/Sun Star Reporter
Sept. 23, 2013

Revoked license discovered

Sept. 9-  Campus police stopped a man for speeding and discovered that the man’s Alabama license was suspended.  The officer confiscated the man’s license and gave him a summons for court. The police released the man’s vehicle to his supervising officer from Ft. Wainwright.

2016 presidency campaign continues against all odds

Sept. 12-  A campus police officer spotted a man who was  trespassed from UAF property near Gruening Building. It appeared that he was continuing his campaign for the 2016 presidency by asking people what they would like to see in a future president.

He told police that he knew he wasn’t supposed to be on campus, but the bus driver on the city bus had kicked him off at the Wood Center bus stop.  The bus driver had kicked the man off the bus for campaigning too loudly and disrupting passengers.

Incidentally, campus police trespassed the man a week earlier for the same issue. He was arrested and transported to the Fairbanks Correctional Center.

Assault in Bartlett

Sept. 13- A Resident Assistant in Bartlett Hall reported an intoxicated UAF male student rolling around on the floor in front of the women’s bathroom.  A UAF officer took the student to the FCC for a Title 47 because the individual was too intoxicated to take care of himself.

The next day, a female student also living in Bartlett told police she was filing assault charges because the same man had been harassing her the previous night by following her, yelling at her and grabbing her arm aggressively when she told him to leave her alone. Charges are pending for Assault in the Fourth degree.

Testy toga-wearers throw-down

Sept. 14- Community Service Officers reported an altercation in the Moore-Barlett-Skarland parking lot between two men. They were attending the toga party at the Hess Recreation Center.

The men were heavily intoxicated. He attempted to detain the individuals, however, one resisted and the other one started running away. The run-away later returned under the direction of a different CSO.

During this, three other toga party attendees arrived to show their support. One of the three, became excited and attempted to prevent the officer from escorting one of the arrested individuals to the police vehicle. After an officer told him to back down, he refused and was detained.

All three were cited for disorderly conduct and transported to the FCC. One individual was also trespassed from all UAF property and another was trespassed from all UAF residential areas.

Snoozing minor busted

Sept. 15- A Cutler Resident Assistant reported an intoxicated male sleeping on the grass near the Rainey-Skarland Cabin located near the Cutler Apartments. The cabin is for faculty members or students.

The responding officer found that student was a minor. The officer transported the student to the FCC and summonsed him for a Minor Consuming.

Domestic Violence

Sept. 15- A Resident Assistant in Bartlett Hall reported hearing screaming from a dorm room. When an officer responded, he found that a student and his girlfriend of one year had a domestic altercation.

The man had become angry and bit his girlfriend in the face, hit her and then bit her face a second time.  He was was arrested and transported to the FCC and charged with Assault in the Fourth degree.

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