UAF changes marketing slogan from "Naturally Inspiring" to "Sort of Below Average"

Lakeidra Chavis and Elika Roohi/Fun Star Reporters
April 2, 2013

UAF's slogan "Naturally Inspiring" is being replaced by "Sort of Below Average." Photo provided by UAF

UAF’s slogan “Naturally Inspiring” is being replaced by “Sort of Below Average.” Photo provided by UAF

A lot of things are changing at the UAF campus. By the 2013 fall semester, the campus will look completely different due to reconstruction, degree requirements will change for some majors and UAF will have a new marketing slogan.

The university will start to take a more realistic approach regarding the campus and will change its marketing slogan from “Naturally Inspiring” to “Sort of Below Average,” according to the UAF homepage.

 The university changed its marketing  slogan at the beginning of the fall semester  this year from “UAF: Is {it} for you?” to “Naturally Inspiring.”  The new proposed changes reflect a more truthful portrayal of life on the Fairbanks campus.

“We just wanted to keep it real with folks,” Chancellor Brian Rogers said. “Instead of continuing to spend student tuition money on cheesy and forced advertising campaigns, we want to be honest.”

New t-shirts and pamphlets are being printed sporting the logo “UAF: Sort of Below Average” in a shockingly non-striking design.  Students walking around campus at night will see the slogan projected on various buildings.  A commercial featuring several students procrastinating in the Wood Center while eating mediocre sushi will debut on local television in several weeks.

Philosophy student Morgan Johnson who can be spotted in unwashed flannel eating carrots from his backpack considers himself to be the quintessential UAF student.  “My philosophy is, C’s get degrees. I think it’s a good rule to live by,” Johnson said.

UAF’s campaign motto, “Finish in Your Own Time,” will also change to “Finish… At Some Point if You Want to.” The shift will not only focus on the fact that there are many paths students take to earn a degree, but also the fact that it may take students a really long to figure out that path or even if they want to go down it.

UAF students who take much longer to finish at the university have often felt left out.  “I finished in 17,” said UAF alumni Jeremy Smith. “But they didn’t want that in the pamphlet for some reason.”

Most students are embracing the slogan changes.  “No pressure man,” said freshman Josh Young who is currently undeclared and spends most of his time in the Moore Hall lounge playing pool with his equally below average group of friends.

This article is satire. It is not intended to be taken seriously.

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