UAF Now Outsources Payment Plans

Daniel Thoman

Sun Star Reporter

Students at UAF who need to set up payment plans will no longer be doing so through UAF.

This semester is the first in which UAF has not been in charge of its own financial services. The company Tuition Management Services (TMS) is now in charge of arranging payment plans for the university.

Stuart Roberts, Associate Vice Chancellor of Financial Services, said that TMS, a division of KeyBank NA, has been working with UAA and UAS for a few years and that the company had been in contact with UAF for some time prior to the decision being made. The decision was made early in the year, around January or February.

Roberts pointed out that UAF was not properly equipped to deal with all of the student payment plans that it had been implementing. Roberts said that one of the university’s goals was to make things “more efficient.”  Robers said TMS brings the infrastructure, equipment and personnel required for such a task.

For instance, TMS allows a student to set up their payment plan online, rather than having to physically visit the business office, as per the old method of doing business. Before, UAF required that all payment contracts be made between the student and the university. TMS draws up a contract between itself and a payer.

TMS also provides advisors, whose job is to work with students and parents, and work out the payment plan. TMS’ website,, has various other tools and services that help students draw up an appropriate payment plan.

Amanda Wall, Director of Business Operations for the Business Office, said that the business office hadn’t “got a lot of feedback” from students and she encouraged students who are using a payment plan to tell the business office about their experience, whether it was good or bad.

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