Student Perspectives: Wintermester is staying!

Kate Nagibina / Sun Star

Wintermester will start on Jan. 4 and end Jan. 13 of 2016, according to the UAF website. 10 days of intensive studying for completion of one three credit class or several classes not exceeding three credits, regardless of class difficulty. Some of the classes are being offered through distance delivery as well.

I took a 400 level French class based on European Films last Wintermester. It was extremely hard. However, for me, I think it was mostly hard because I had only studied up through French 201 and was taking a 400 level class. However, I hired a tutor for that short time period and made it through. I did get a lot if acne from the stress, but it was enjoyable. 5 hours or so of class a day is not all that bad… the professor gives breaks… if the students enjoy or at least understand what’s going on. I like Wintermester classes personally. However, it does take time away from family during the holidays; and if you get sick, you’ll need to pray your professor has mercy because you have to be on your game each day since a lot of work needs to be done each day. – Hannah Carlile, student

I hope they don’t [cancel it], because I really like Wintermester. – Gunnar Keizer, student

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