Police Blotter: April 8 – 10, 2011

This report is based on the information published by the University Police Department. Individuals arrested and/or charged with crimes in this report are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Amber Sandlin / Sun Star Reporter
April 19, 2011


On Tanana Loop, an intoxicated driver tried to pass another car and in the pushed the car off the road, also went into the ditch himself on Friday, April 8. The cars were both damaged, although no one was hurt, and a tow truck was called. When the officers arrived to check on the accident they detected alcohol on the breath of the 29-year-old male driver. He was arrested for driving under the influence.

Fast and the furious

On Saturday, April 9, an officer observed a man speeding on Farmer’s Loop Road. The officer pulled the man over and discovered through the Alaska Public Safety Information Network that the 21-year-old driver had an outstanding warrant and had violated his probation by speeding. The officer contacted the probation officer, who ordered the vehicle to be searched. Nothing was found but the man was taken to jail for his warrant.

High in public

An officer was monitoring a UAF campus dance on Saturday, April 9, when he smelled pot. The officer noticed the smell was stronger on a group of people, and there were signs that somebody in the group was intoxicated. The group was searched and no pot or drugs were found. One person was banned from all university dorms except the one he or she lives in. It was not specified who the student was.

Backward driving

Around 3 a.m. on Sunday, April 10, an officer saw a person drive backwards through the intersection of Cameron Street (near Sourdough Sam’s) and University Avenue, take a very wide U-Turn and run a red light. The officer pulled the person over for driving strangely and breaking traffic laws. The driver, a 35-year-old man, was found to have “had a few” before attempting to drive home to North Pole. The car was impounded and the man taken to jail for drunken driving.

Sticky situation

On Sunday, April 10, a resident of Stevens Hall discovered that the key wouldn’t fit in the keyhole. Someone had put glue or some other substance in the lock, vandalizing the resident’s door. The resident was not sure why someone would damage a door, and called to report the damage and lack of room access. UAF police are continuing this investigation to determine who did this.

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