Police Blotter: June 1 – August 31, 2014

This report is based on the information published by the University Police Department. Individuals arrested and/or charged with crimes in this report are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Sam Allen / UAF Sun Star

Assaults: 5
Drugs: 4
DUI: 6
Other Arrests: 8

Assaults : 0
Drugs: 1
DUI: 6
Other Arrests: 1

Assaults: 2
Drugs: 3
DUI: 4
Other Arrests: 4

Summer Total:
Assaults: 7
Drugs: 8
DUI: 16
Other Arrests: 13

While many of the calls that the UAF Police Department (UAFPD) respond to are issues police departments deal with all over the country, some are more unusual, and sometimes the police blotter raises as many questions as it does answers. Here are some of the highlights, and lowlifes, that UAFPD interacted with over the summer.

(The UAFPD has a process called “trespassing” a person, which means that the person is not allowed back on campus, without explicit permission from the administration. It comes up often in the police blotter, and is used by UAF as a way to make sure that people who have been caught not following the rules, are ready to follow the rules, before being allowed back on campus, according Kathy Catron, a UAFPD police officer. When the police blotter is using “trespassed” in this way, it will appear with the quotation marks, to denote its difference from the more traditional use of the word.)

The Coffee Fund/iPhone Caper
UAFPD responded on August 5, 2014 involving missing money that had been taken from the coffee fund in the Reichardt Building. After UAFPD investigation, a custodial employee admitted to taking the money and returned the money on August 11, 2014. Three days later, another theft in Reichardt was reported, this time of an iPhone. The officer met with the suspect from the coffee fund caper, who admitted to also taking the iPhone. Charges are pending on both cases.

Be Careful What You Watch in the Library
UAFPD responded to a call on the evening of August 13, 2014, about a male who was masturbating on the third floor of the library, while watching pornography. The officer located the man in the library, escorted him off the UAF campus, and “trespassed” him. UAF Proud to NOT be Ferguson, Missouri
A woman walking in the middle of Yukon Drive on the afternoon of July 29, 2014 and refused to move to the sidewalk. UAFPD responded and transported the woman off campus. No shots were fired.

Science and Skateboards Don’t Mix
The Life Sciences building attracted a number of juvenile skateboarders on the evening of July 17, 2014. The UAFPD responded to a report of kids skateboarding in the building and jumping up and down on tables and chairs. The response from UAFPD was mixed. Those who had received prior warnings for the same behavior were “trespassed,” and escorted off campus. Those without a prior contact with UAFPD over this behavior were allowed to leave campus on their own, with the understanding that this was their official warning regarding this behavior.

Unburied Treasure
After the July 10, 2014 the UAFPD have an additional shotgun in their safekeeping, after it was found while mowing in a field at the Ag Farm.

Like Stealing Candy From a Baby
On May 30, 2014, UAFPD took the description of a man who is accused of stealing three children’s books. One book was returned, but the investigation into the theft of other two books is ongoing.

Early Morning Rabble Rousing
Around 5:00 am, on June 3, 2014, UAFPD received a report of a disturbance at Wickersham Hall. Initially all the officer found was a broken door, and a description from a witness, to indicate that there was an altercation. After reviewing video from the area, the officer was able to determine that an assault had occurred and contact was made with both the victim and suspect. EMS was requested for the victim, and witness statements were taken. Three people were transported to Fairbanks Correctional Facility that morning. The person accused of the assault was arrested assault and criminal mischief. The other people had outstanding warrants, and one of them was also in violation of the conditions of her release. All three of the individuals were “trespassed” from all UAF property.

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