Police Blotter: July 27 – August 1, 2011

Individuals named as arrested and/or charged with crimes in this report are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This is the University Police Department report and is republished as reported by the UPD. The Sun Star is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the report.

Through August 3, 2011

Date: 7/27/2011
Location:  Aurora Cabins
Case Number:  11-00345
Call Type:  Agency Assist
AST requested assistance.

Date:  7/27/2011
Location:  Salcha Street
Case Number:  11-00346
Call Type: Suspicious Circumstances
Report of suspicious male. Officer responded and made contact.

Date:  7/28/2011
Location:  27th Ave
Case Number:  11-0347
Call Type: Agency Assist
FPD requested assiatnce for DV 911 call.

Date:  7/28/2011
Location:  West Valley Access Road
Case Number:  11-00348
Call Type: Agency Assist
Parked stolen vehicle found. AST notified.

Date:  7/28/2011
Location:  Arctic Health Building
Case Number:  11-00349
Call Type: Burglary
Complainant reports grow lights have been stolen. Officer responded. Investigation on‐going.

Date:  7/30/2011
Location:  Farmers Loop and Taku
Case Number:  11-00350
Call Type: Traffic Stop
Traffic stop for moving violation. Juvenile driver summonsed for Minor Operating
Vehicle After Consuming Alcohol and Minor Consuming Alcohol. Released to guardian.

Date:  7/30/2011
Location:  Bartlett Hall
Case Number:  11-00351
Call Type: Suspicious Circumstances
Officer responded to complaint that a helmet had been locked to a bike not belonging
to owner of helmet. Lock cut and bike brought to station. Helmet released to owner.
Owner of bicycle came to station to collect bike.

Date:  7/30/2011
Location:  Rasmuson Library
Case Number:  11-00352
Call Type: Theft
Complainant reports theft of bicycle from bike rack.

Date:  7/31/2011
Location:  N. Tanana and Farmers Loop
Case Number:  11-00353
Call Type: Drugs
Traffic stop for moving and equipment violations. Charges pending against passenger
for drugs possession.

Date:  7/31/2011
Location:  Goldhill Road
Case Number:  11-00354
Call Type: Agency Assist
AST requested assistance.

Date:  7/31/2011
Location:  College Road near Mike’s Chevron
Case Number:  11-00355
Call Type: DUI
Traffic stop for equipment violation. Driver Franklin L. ODOM, 19 of Fairbanks, summonsed for MICS 5.

Date:  8/1/2011
Location:  Burtovich Building
Case Number:  11-00356
Call Type: Theft
Complianant reports theft of mail. Possible use of debit card.
Statement taken and investigation on‐going.

Date:  8/1/2011
Location:  Behind Sandvick Apartments
Case Number:  11-00357
Call Type: Stabbing/Gunshot
UAFPD responded with UAFFD to report of gunshot victim.
UAFPD assisted AST.

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