Police Blotter: January 18 – 21, 2013

This report is based on the information published by the University Police Department. Individuals arrested and/or charged with crimes in this report are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Fernanda Chamorro/Sun Star Reporter
January 29, 2013

Face it

Jan. 18- A campus police officer on patrol saw a vehicle facing the wrong way in traffic on the Johansen Expressway. As the officer drove toward the vehicle, the driver turned around, maneuvered around two road graders and drove off the expressway. The vehicle then took down a sign, drove into the median and got stuck there. The police officer approached the vehicle and the 20-year-old female driver from North Pole exited the vehicle visibly intoxicated. The woman failed the preliminary breath test, as a she was two times over  the legal limit. The woman was arrested for  a DUI, driving while her license was revoked and having an outstanding warrant. She was transported to the Fairbanks Correctional Center where she was also charged with being a minor consuming alcohol, operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol as a minor, no insurance and negligent driving. The 26-year-old male passenger from Fairbanks was in violation of his felony probation and was also transported to the FCC after his probation officer was notified of a used methamphetamine pipe that was in his possession. The man claimed the coat he was wearing and pipe were not his.

You yield

Jan. 18- A 61-year-old female driver from Fairbanks caused a motor vehicle accident on Geist Road after she failed to yield to a Dodge truck driver who she thought was slowing down for her. The 29-year-old male student driver said he was slowing down due to the traffic ahead. She was cited and her vehicle had to be towed because it was not drivable after damages to the front and driver’s side. There were no injuries.

It’s your bedtime

Jan. 19- An officer pulled over a vehicle with minors, who were out Fairbanks Northstar Borough’s designated curfew hours on College Road for making an improper right turn, having too dark tinted windows, and excessively bright headlights. There were five people in the vehicle, two of them under 18-years-old. Their parents were contacted and the minors were released to them.

Grand Theft Auto

Jan. 19- A 22-year old male student reported that his Ford Taurus was broken into after he left his doors unlocked in Denali Lane. The vehicle next to it had also been broken into. The 23-year-old male owner had also left his neighboring Nissan Sentra unlocked and items were stolen. An empty beer can was recovered from one of the vehicles. According to UAFPD, the suspect was drinking the beer, grabbed a barricade, dragged it down the bottom of the hill to the lower dorms, broke into the cars, ransacked them, threw the beer in the car and threw the barricade under the other car. A guitar, a skateboard and a duffel bag were stolen. The investigation in on-going.

You can jump, but you can’t hide

Jan. 20- A Community Service Officer saw a man stumbling while walking on Yukon Drive and the man immediately jumped into the woods. The police found the underage man on the East side of the Patty Center fighting with himself. Police approached the man to take a preliminary breath test. The man failed the test, scoring a .264, more than three times the legal limit. He was transported to FCC and charged a minor consuming alcohol.


Jan. 21- A custodian reported vandalism in room 202 of the Gruening building. It seemed like someone had tried to set tables and desks on fire. They had also written “Cum everywhere” on the whiteboard. The room was supposed to be locked, but was left open Sunday night. There are currently no suspects, but UAFPD have yet to review camera footage. The investigation is on-going.

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