Police Blotter: July 12 – 19, 2011

Individuals named as arrested and/or charged with crimes in this report are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This is the University Police Department report and is republished as reported by the UPD. The Sun Star is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the report.

Through July 20, 2011

Date: 7/12/2011
Location: Farmers Loop
Case #: 11‐00324
Call: Traffic Stop

Traffic stop for moving violation. Driver John W. TRAPP, 40 of Fairbanks, found to be driving without insurance. TRAPP cited for driving without insurance.

Date: 7/12/2011
Location: Farmers Loop
Case #: 11‐00325
Call: Warrant Arrest

During traffic stop, John W. TRAPP, 40 of Fairbanks, was found to have outstanding warrants. TRAPP was arrested and taken to FCC.

Date: 7/13/2011
Location: West Tanana Drive
Case #: 11‐00326
Call: Vandalism

Bee hives at Botanical Garden were reported to have been vandalized. Investigation on‐going.

Date: 7/14/2011
Location: Glasgow Drive
Case #: 11‐00327
Call: Criminal Trespass

Individual advised of trespass from property

Date: 7/14/2011
Location: Taku Parking Lot
Case #: 11‐00328
Call: Probation/Parole Violation

Individual reported to be intoxicated in parking lot. Robert L. JAMES, 44 of Fairbanks, found to have violated terms of probation. JAMES transported to FCC and trespassed from all UAF.

Date: 7/14/2011
Location: Constitution Hall
Case #: 11‐00329
Call: Theft

Complainant reports items missing from office. Robert M. PETRO, 20 of Fairbanks, was summonsed for Theft in the 4th PETRO also trespassed from all UAF.

Date: 7/13/2011
Location: Hess Village
Case #: 11‐00330
Call: MVA

Complainant report car was damaged in lot. Photos taken and report completed.

Date: 7/16/2011
Location: LARS‐ Yankovich Road
Case #: 11‐00331
Call: Suspicious Circumstances

Complainant reports unauthorized access to cabin.

Date: 7/16/2011
Location: West Ridge Turnout
Case #: 11‐00332
Call: Traffic Stop

Traffic stop for no visible license plate. Frederick B. OGDEN, found to be driving unregistered vehicle and without insurance OGDEN cited for failure to register vehicle and no proof of insurance.

Date: 7/17/2011
Location: Farmers Loop and Madcap
Case #: 11‐00333
Call: Fight‐ Physical

Report of fight on bike trails Officer responded but there was no evidence of a fight and no one wanted to press charges

Date: 7/18/2011
Location: S. Eielson Lot
Case #: 11‐00334
Call: MVA

Report that vehicle hit another in lot. Note left.

Date: 7/18/2011
Location: Old U Park
Case #: 11‐00335
Call: Traffic Stop‐ Drugs

Traffic Stop for moving and equipment violations. Driver Benjamin S. HIGHTOWER, 21 of Fairbanks, was summonsed for MICS 6

Date: 7/19/2011
Location: Nerland Hal
Case #: 11‐00336
Call: Theft

Report of theft of iPod and laptop. Investigation on‐going with possible suspects identified.

Date: 7/19/2011
Location: Butrovich Building
Case #: 11‐00337
Call: Theft

Complainant reports possible theft of bamboo shade.

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