Police Blotter: March 15 – 17, 2013

This report is based on the information published by the University Police Department. Individuals arrested and/or charged with crimes in this report are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Fernanda Chamorro/Sun Star Reporter
March 26, 2013

Wrestling with alcohol

March 15- Patty Center staff contacted UAFPD about a fight between two young men in the south hallway. Officers searched for the 19-year-old non-student suspect. After contacting his mother, officers  found that the boy’s father picked him up. The mother provided a phone number and police reached him. The father and son agreed to meet with officers at the Wedgewood Apartments. The 16-year-old victim, contacted police to say he did not want to press charges despite having a cut lip. The suspect said they were wrestling around and did not mean to hurt each other. The suspect also had a cut lip, but did not want to press charges. He admitted that he had been drinking alcohol earlier in the day before the confrontation and provided a breath sample, blowing a .087. He was cited for underage drinking and was trespassed from UAF property.

Keeping it in the family

March 16- Alaska State Troopers requested that UAFPD respond to a report of an intoxicated 18-year-old woman who was swaying on Sandvik Street. The woman appeared lost and was pulling on car doors. Two campus officers saw two Native women at the nearby on the street. One of the women said she had just met the intoxicated woman and was waiting with her for her cab to arrive. The other woman appeared to be heavily intoxicated as she had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. They spoke to her in the patrol vehicle and she took a preliminary breath test, blowing a .209. While one officer was speaking to her, two individuals approached the other officer to say that they had seen the girl attack another girl in front of one of the Parkwest Apartments.

An officer walked over to the apartment and found a 19-year-old woman slumped over outside. She was intoxicated, incoherent and had a bloody nose. They brought back the 18-year-old woman back to the station and they were unable to reach her parents. Through further investigation they found out that the two women were cousins. Police transported both of them to the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital to check their well being. The 18-year-old woman was transported to the Fairbanks Youth Facility, where she will be charged with domestic violence assault in the fourth degree and she was cited for consuming alcohol as a minor. The 19-year-old was transported to the Fairbanks Correctional Center and charged with habitual minor consuming of alcohol.

A slap on the shoulder, ouch

March 16- A Community Service Officer was on patrol at an SRC dance when a man came up and slapped her extremely hard on the left shoulder. The CSO said he knocked the air out of herand said he was glad to see security was there. The officer reported that she was not injured or placed in fear, but kind of irritated at the way he rudely contacted her. The man may have been intoxicated as he had slurred speech. The man left her alone after making eye contact and the officer did not pursue assault charges. He was in his fifties and was not seen in surveillance cameras, so police do not have a suspect.

Double the trouble

March 17- McIntosh Hall Residence Director name called to report two roommates that were in a heated argument that could lead to a physical altercation. UAF officers arrived and found that there had been no physical assault, but the two 20-year-old women had verbally argued. They were yelling in each other’s face when they were broken up by Residence Life staff and bystanders. Police gave the women disorderly conduct warnings and preliminary breath tests. They blew a .108 and .157. The officer issued citations to both of them for underage drinking. The women were having problems with each other for a while. They agreed to stay away from each other for the night. One stayed at a friend’s dorm room and the other stayed in their dorm room.

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