UAF Sports Briefs – April 12, 2011

Rebecca Coleman / Sun Star Reporter
April 12, 2011

Strikes, spares, and sexual innuendoes: Intramural bowling

Foster Kids were set to take on Dragonslayers Who Dream Big, Thursday, April 7, but most of the Dragonslayers weren’t there. This gave the Foster Kids an automatic win. Tony Foster, an avid bowler, gave his teammates pointers between games. “Bowling at Wood Center is challenging because the lanes are really dry and short,” Foster said, referring to the oil pattern on the lanes. “Dry and short” means that the oil only goes about halfway down the lane, whereas other lanes’ oil stretches the whole length of the lane. After throwing a gutter ball, Foster apologized. “He [captain Justin Renner] made a sexual joke,” Foster said. “It threw me off. You know, you’d think we’d bowl better because we all work here, but we kinda suck.”

Getting’ down on the linoleum gridiron: Intramural flag football

Essayons tried to battle against Hippopananomous Thursday, April 7, but they were missing two players, giving Hippopananomous a seven-on-five man advantage. Right off the bat, Hippopananomous scored a touchdown. With nearly every possession, Essayons was blocked or intercepted by their opponents. At the end of the half, Hippopananomous led 30-6. Essayons started the second half with the ball, but Hippopananomous easily grabbed another interception, converting their possession into a touchdown. Only once in the half did Essayons break through Hippopananomous’ defenses, bringing the final score to 54-12. “Having two extra players overwhelmed their defense, offense, special teams,” said captain Gavin Bleggert. “It wasn’t fair at all.”

Goalies can’t be solved: Intramural soccer

It was a battle between goalies Casey Peterson of Team Rocket and Gary Olsen-Saville of Getting Headers on Thursday, April 7. For 40 minutes, both teams played strong and had many scoring opportunities, but Peterson and Olsen-Saville were unrelenting. Both made diving saves throughout the night, stopping everything coming at them. The score ended in a tie. Olsen-Saville was disappointed that his team wasn’t able to come out on top. “Ties suck,” he said.

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