UAF Sports Briefs – April 19, 2011

Rebecca Coleman / Sun Star Reporter
April 19, 2011

Bump, set, smash! Intramural volleyball

Team Smash Bang Fusion played like a well-oiled, three-piece machine when they bumped, set, and spiked their way to victory against Team Warriors on Thursday, April 14.  They dominated their opponents 25-16 for the first game of the best-of-three match.  Their superior spikes, well-placed sets, and unreturned serves gave them the edge, even though they only had three teammates to the Warriors’ five, and the Warriors could substitute their players.  Game two saw great volleys and impressive serves from both sides, but the Warriors fell just short of victory.  Smash Bang Fusion took the game 25-22, winning the three-game match in two.

Balls in action: Intramural dodgeball

Team King of Battle was hoping for a war against Team Bloodbath & Beyond on Thursday, April 14, but the Bloodbath was MIA, giving the Kings an automatic win.  However, they didn’t let their lack of opponents keep them from getting their game on.  The ROTC-comprised team grabbed a few random bystanders, including the referee, and threw and dodged with all of the intensity of a real game. Colored balls flew everywhere, and players hit the floor as they kept from being hit. King of Battle fully utilized their practice opportunity, but they didn’t take each other too seriously, as there were continuous smiles and joke trash talking.

Sweeping the ice: Intramural broomball

Slipping and sliding all over the ice, Team Mickey’s was able to edge out Team OG’s 1-0 on Thursday, April 14.  Through a series of spectacular passes, the Mickey’s were able to score the lone goal of the game.  The OG’s nearly came back with a goal of their own, but the Mickey’s goalie got control of the ball just before it passed through his legs.  The Mickey’s dominated the game and kept the ball in the OG’s zone, keeping the OG’s goalie on his knees. The OG’s made a good effort trying to get a goal, even when facing the difficulty of back-to-back penalties late in the game.

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