UAF Sports Briefs – April 26, 2011

Rebecca Coleman / Sun Star Reporter
April 26, 2011

Win or lose, teams have fun at Intramural Broomball

The Jolly Rogers kept the Last Picks winless on Thursday, April 21, beating them 3-1.  Although the Last Picks had some great defensive moments, The Jolly Rogers lit the lamp by sneaking the ball by past the Last Picks’ goalie, senior Eric Huston, as he tried to smother a rebound.  The Jolly Rogers’ goalie saw some action too, but stopped everything that came his way.  They doubled their score as they snuck the ball past Huston a second time.  After some strategic passing, the Jolly Rogers fired the ball at Huston, and it sailed into the net for their third and final goal of the night.  The Last Picks weren’t going to go quietly.  With seconds left on the clock, senior Zack Wieliczkiewiz smashed the ball past the Jolly Rogers’ goalie, notching the Last Picks their only tally.

The Last Picks don’t let their losing record get them down, claiming they are all just in it for the fun.  “We have to be here for fun – we don’t win enough,” Wieliczkiewiz said.

“Winning would be nice,” said Last Picks sophomore Chris Young.  “But I’m not going to lose any sleep over losing a game.”

Mamahoohoo picks up shutout in Intramural Soccer

It was a battle between Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) and Mamahoohoo on Thursday, April 21, but in the end, Mamahoohoo prevailed.  In the beginning, there were a lot of turnovers by both teams, so there weren’t many shots on goal.  Eventually, some fancy footwork and well-placed shots gave Mamahoohoo goals number one and two.  After halftime, Mamahoohoo picked up goals three and four, so ATP changed their faculty-member goalie.  “CP’s still the man,” said ATP’s captain, freshman Quinn Verfaillie. “Look how old he is!”  Regardless, Mamahoohoo was able to rack up one more goal before the end of the game and kept ATP scoreless with a final score of 5-0.  “We were playing pretty well, but we were too clustered,” Verfaillie said.  “They were passing all around us.”

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