UAF Toastmasters induct Chancellor and Vice Chancellor

By Don Derosier

Sun Star Contributor

Applause. Hand Shakes. This is routine for the UAF Toastmasters Club in helping their members conquer their fear of public speaking. On Oct. 22 in the Great Hall, two honorary members will be inducted to the Toastmasters – Chancellor Brian Rogers and Vice Chancellor Jake Poole.

“It is mainly to raise awareness on campus,” said Mary Parsons, President of the Toastmasters Club. “They exemplified what Toastmasters is all about.  Both are excellent public speakers, both are composed in front of the microphone, and both practice public speaking everyday and are really fluent in it.”

“Vice Chancellor Jake Poole was instrumental in forming Toastmasters on campus,” Parsons said. “We wanted to honor him specifically for what he did.”

“I remember my first experience in public speaking was in 6th grade and I actually fainted,” Parsons said. “My first speech in Toastmasters my knees were shaking so terribly and my paper was shaking so badly. I had a terrible fear of public speaking, but I’ve gotten over it since then.”

The UAF Toastmasters Club, or UAF Club “Toast of Alaska,” was founded on March 18, 2009. Their mission is to help people overcome their fear of public speaking. Their initial membership fee is $65 for the first six months and $45 every six months after.  The fee includes workbooks for leadership and communication and helps the club maintain the cost of special events, materials and awards.

The mayors of North Pole, Fairbanks and the North Star Borough have been invited to the induction.

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