Underwear Mandatory at Toga Dance

By Elika Roohi / Sun Star Reporter

Clothing stayed mostly on the night of Friday, Sept. 10 during the annual Hot Toga Nights dance. The dance, put on by the Residence Life staff, took place at the Hess Recreation Center, and drew hundreds of students, from both on-campus and off.

At one point, the line was a solid block, stretching from the Hess Recreation Center doors all the way to Skarland Hall, at the opposite end of the lobby.

College students, dressed in bed sheets, lined up inside the Moore-Bartlett-Skarland complex with four dollars in hand, or eight if they lived off-campus, ready for a night of dancing.

“I danced my shoes off,” said Ashley Strauch, a freshman.

“I liked dancing the night away,” said Denali Critchett, another freshman.

Halfway through the dance, one student grabbed a potted plant and proceeded to dance with the tree and ride it around the stage, until one of the resident assistants in charge told him to “put the tree down.”

“I thought the guy riding the tree was the most entertaining,” Strauch said.

“That was awesome,” Critchett said.

There were also a few incidents of crowd surfing throughout the night.  No one was hurt, and everyone seemed to enjoy the antics of the few students brave enough to test the crowd’s loyalty.

One challenge many faced was keeping their garments in place.

“My toga stayed on,” Strauch said.

Many other students struggled with keeping their clothing on.  Safety pins were adjusted frequently.  There were no incidents of toga malfunction.

There were a fair amount of students who attended Hot Toga Nights without a toga but the students wrapped up in their sheets far outnumbered them.

The togas seen in the Hess Recreation Center on Friday night were made up of many different colors and patterns. Patterns ranged from traditional white and gold to Spiderman.

Everyone remembered to wear underwear.


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