Veterinary Medicine Open House

The Department of Veterinary Medicine hosted their second annual open house on Oct. 22 from 2-5 p.m. in the Murie Building. Participants toured the Veterinary Program’s new home, tested their surgery skills, learned how to give dogs CPR, watch stuffed animals get sutured and enjoyed Ben “The Balloon Man” Meyer as he blew up the room with smiles from people of all ages.

Savanna Burke - Balloon Man.jpg

Ben “The Balloon Man" Meyer blew up the room with smiles from people of all ages during the Vet Med open house. A tour through the labs allowed participants to view a live rat necropsy, identify radiographs, witness suturing and first aid on stuffed animals. Participants can practice their own skills in surgery simulations. “The open house is an opportunity to give kids of all ages a chance to see what we do,” Marianne Lian, a current veterinarian and PhD student at UAF, said. Following the interactive demonstrations, children lined up for the chance to take their own balloon animal home to show their family and friends what they learned about veterinary science. Savanna Burke/Sun Star

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With aspiring hopes to enter the veterinary program, Kelly Schmitz works with blazing speed to complete the surgery simulation. The open house offered a chance for many students to get their feet wet in the applications of veterinary science and see what it is the program has to offer. Students working the open house were able to provide tips and encouragement to those interested in the field. Savanna Burke/Sun Star

Savanna Burke - Surgery Box.jpg

Surgery boxes allowed participants to test their dexterity with surgical equipment by moving marbles and threading string through a series of patterns. It was a favorite for many children including Eden. “I’m good enough to be a veterinarian already,” she said, as she completed the tasks under the encouragement of Ernest Byers. Savanna Burke/Sun Star

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Children were able to bring their well-loved stuffed animals to students involved in the veterinary program for a little tender loving care. They were taught how to bandage a wound and listen for a heartbeat. This patient was used to demonstrate the art of suturing by Christopher Clement, a second year student in the Veterinary program. Savanna Burke/Sun Star

Savanna Burke - Teddy Bear Bandage.jpg

Kira (left) and Madelyn (right) work together to bandage Mr. Teddy Bear’s wounded leg after learning about how to properly sew him up. Following the surgery, they were able to listen to the stuffed bear's heart beat through a stethoscope. - Savanna Burke/Sun Star

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Cristina Hansen explains why this dog isn’t very happy to be at the vet’s office. Two large rocks that had once made a tasty treat were now stuck. Participants were also able to view radiographs of cats and a pregnant dog while attempting to identify internal organs and potential problems. Savanna Burke/Sun Star

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