Gabriele Laporatti solo pianist gives an unforgettable performance

Alisha Drumm/Sun Star Reporter
October 30, 2012

An audience in the Davis Concert hall awaits Gabriele Leporatti’s solo piano recital on Oct. 25, 2012. Fernadna Chamorro/Sun Star

Italian pianist Gabriele Leporatti walked onto the Davis Concert Hall stage with confidence at his solo piano performance Thursday, Oct. 25. The concert was a part of the Daniel Pearl Music Days, “an annual global concert network affirming the ideals of tolerance, friendship, and our shared humanity.”

The purpose of the Daniel Pearl Music days is to convey the idea that “through performance we reaffirm our conviction that humanity will triumph and harmony will prevail.”

As the auditorium lights dimmed, and the stage lights focused on Leporatti, he  began his performance with a selection from Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 32 in C minor, performing “Maestoso” and “Arietta,” two very dynamic pieces. The selections from Beethoven’s Piano Sonata went from suspenseful to soothing in a matter of seconds. Gabriele grabbed the audience’s attention with his performance of “Maestoso” from Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 32. Leporatti did an incredible job of capturing every aspect of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata, No. 32 in C minor.

After Leporatti’s performance of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata, there was a short intermission filled with chatter about the incredible job Leporatti had done. Audience members anxiously anticipated the second portion of the recital. “He is a very spectacular piano player. It is incredible how he plays such complex pieces with such ease, I can’t wait to hear the rest of his performance,”  UAF student Alex Thompson said.

Leporatti entered the concert hall stage for the second time, opening with a selection from Claude Debussy’s Three Preludes. Leporatti began with “Le Vent dans le plaine,” a short but dynamic piece from Debussy, which led into his performance of “La Cathedrale engloutie” and “Canope,” two very intimate pieces from Debussy.

Leporatti ended his performance with his rendition of Ravel’s “Gaspard de la nuit”. Leporatti played this complex and dynamic piece flawlessly. Leporatti ended his intimate, and flawless solo piano recital with “Scarbo” from Ravel, an extremely difficult and complex piece that Leporatti played seamlessly.  Audience members were shaking their heads in disbelief as they watched Leporatti play. Leporatti enchanted  the audience with his performance of “Scarbo” and left them in a state of awe as he played the last notes of the night.

Leporatti received a standing ovation from the filled auditorium for his incredible solo piano performance. Audience members smiled as they stood and clapped for Leporatti’s job well done. Gabriele Leporatti fulfilled the theme of the Daniel Pearl Music days through his playing, and certainly gave a performance to remember at the Davis Concert Hall.

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