Letters to the Editor – May 1, 2012

Walk the walk

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday April 18th, ASUAF had an open forum for the upcoming elections. I had no knowledge of this happening until I heard an announcement over the loud speakers the minute it was going on. Being subscribed to the ASUAF Facebook page, I’m surprised they didn’t promote this there.

The discussion was held with six uncontested candidates who discussed certain topics including student outreach and everybody was in agreement that it was very important.

After the event was over, I talked to ASUAF Member Jennifer Chambers (Senate Seat J ) about what they did to promote the event. She said they had the announcement read over the Wood Center loud speaker. When I pressed her further on why they didn’t use the ASUAF or UAF Facebook, email, or banners, she brushed me off and walked away.

It’s interesting that they talk about student outreach, but do nothing but the absolute minimum.

John Seiler

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2 Responses

  1. Chris L says:

    Too bad this isn’t a surprise. The less the students know about ASUAF’s doings, the better it is for ASUAF. I’m surprised they even went so far as to use the loudspeaker instead of a piece of paper rolled up into a cone…

  2. Anthony Robins says:

    asuaf is hilarious

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