Where there is love, there is life

Brady Gross / KSUA Music Director
Feb. 14, 2012

I have worked at KSUA as the Music Director since November, and can truly say it is has been great to have the opportunity to be able to take a hobby you love, and project that into a working environment. My love and attraction to music has always ruled my life in ways unexplainable. The act of simply being able to share a band unheard or new genre to friends and family, has always been one of the best gifts I feel music can offer. Working at KSUA has allowed me to expand that audience to not only friends and family, but now the entire UAF college community and Fairbanks area.

No stranger to the insurmountable feelings that Valentines Day invokes, it still can be a tough day to comprehend appropriately. Unlike other holidays where usually there simply is a celebration of some event or person, Valentines Day has a true-tried tradition of having the general public absolutely despise the day or, be in “love” with it.

Having the hobby of being actively involved with music lends to my continual attempts to get by every year with doing some sort of corny mix-tape. Of course, most years, it ends up being a tape unused, unheard, but every now and then, it has the possibility to reach the right ear. I think these feelings are quite universal in that, for most, Valentines Day is more a day of hope. Hoping to make another feel special, or get that one moment of recognition from someone you adore. Whether you are happily married, in a relationship, single, or completely jaded toward love in the first place, there are countless songs to represent those feelings and are especially highlighted during those 24 hours of focused attention to “love.”

A few songs I’d like to share and have fallen for over the past year have those perfect feelings and ambitions bottled up in a short four to five minutes. Love is never as simple as it seems and these following songs encapsulate that theme. Cass McCombs “County Line” invokes restlessness and the struggle with wanting to find internal happiness in one place, while his wanderlust leads him to stray away from feeling comfortable with one place or person in general. On the other side of that idea, Sharon Jones’ “How Do I Let A Good Man Down?” takes a more direct approach in questioning the realm of one’s relationship… and realizing it is time to move on regardless of how great someone has treated them.

Kurt Vile’s “Baby’s Arms” is a true deepened love song that highlights the idea that you are so enamored with your partner, that you essentially care for nothing else. A love so strong that he swoons, “I get sick of just about everyone, And I hide in my baby’s arms.” While the title may be misleading, Molly Nilsson’s “I Hope You Die” has similar thoughts. “I know you think I’m morbid when I say, I hope you die by my side, the two of us at the exact same time,” takes love to the ultimate extreme of wishing it will live on past our physical beings on this earth.

Justin Vernon’s “Hazelton” tackles the tough task of letting go and dealing with the continual pain of handling these emotions publicly. Watching the other person move on to someone new and find happiness elsewhere, while not understanding what went wrong in the first place.

Best Coast’s “Boyfriend” does a great job of not over complicating matters by excitedly singing “I wish he was my boyfriend, I’d love him till the very end.” Finally, local artist Brandon Reid’s “If I Fell” perfects the traditional ambitions of Valentines Day by laying his heart and soul on the line with one of the most beautiful love songs to grace my ears. Listen and enjoy.

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  1. Brady Gross says:

    Cass McCombs – “County Line”

    Sharon Jones – “How Do I Let A Good Man Down?” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq9nb5WpMb8

    Kurt Vile – “Baby’s Arms”

    Molly Nilsson – “I Hope You Die”

    Justin Vernon – “Hazelton”

    Best Coast – “Boyfriend”

    Brandon Reid – “If I Fell”

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