Wildcats snatch victory from Nanooks

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The Central Washington Wildcats out-hustled the Nanooks on Thursday, winning 74-67. The Nanooks couldn’t pull out their game to get the win.

“We had a good enough team and this league’s tough and had too many close games and just like tonight we just couldn’t find ways too pull out,” Brandon Davis, Nanooks guard, said. “They were better than us tonight. They made their shots. Its just the way it goes sometimes.”

Nanooks hustled during each position to score a basket but couldn’t quite get the right feel for the ball to make one. Michael Kluting (#40) saved the team in the first half with back-to-back two point shots all over inside the paint. On the defensive side, the Nanooks got outplayed with power rebounds by Wildcat Fuquan Niles.

The Nanooks managed to keep the game close through persistence and teamwork. Adante Jones made a great shot with the assist and steal from teammate Matlock, which ended the first half with a slim margin. The game continued to be a battle between the two teams, but the ‘Nooks couldn’t overcome the Wildcats, and missed a number of scoring opportunities.

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