Winter Carnival

The Winter Carnival is a Fairbanks tradition that dates back to the territorial era. It was created to provide entertainment and activity during the long winter months.

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Winter Service Project

The UAF Office of Leadership, Involvement & Volunteer Experience hosted their Winter Service Project on Friday, Feb. 24.

Participants were invited to decorate recycled paper journals for the Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violent Living (IAC). Grace Weller, LIVE student assistant for volunteering, noted that the women involved in IAC’s programs expressed that they were interested in having journals or notebooks to write down thoughts and feelings, and track their goals and accomplishments.

Weller and Cody Rogers, associate director of the Wood Center, assembled the journals using recycled paper. Weller collected magazines, stickers, stamps and collage materials for participants to decorate the covers and pages of the journals. Ellamarie Quimby/ Sun Star


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Mickey Zakurdaew, electrical engineering senior and sound technician at The Pub, competes in the speed climbing portion of the Ice Jam competition. Before climbing, Zakurdaew showed off colorful ice tools and matching leggings to the spectators. Ellamarie Quimby / Sun Star Photo credit: Ellamarie Quimby


Ice Jam

The 2017 Ice Jam ice climbing competition took place on Friday, Feb. 24th. The UAF Department of Recreation, Adventure and Wellness invited students and the general public to compete in both speed-climbing and dry-tooling competitions. Speed climbers raced to ring the cowbell at the top of the ice wall, while dry-toolers used their ice tools and crampons to scale a wall with no ice coverage. DRAW provided all tools and equipment, as well as refreshments and bonfires for onlookers. Ellamarie Quimby/ Sun Star


Jeremiah Malzahn - Happy Dog.jpg

Saturday Feb. 25, two dog mushers, Jameson Kapec and Ed Abrahamson gave free sled dog rides on Beluga Field. One of Kapec’s dogs waits patiently to be harnessed onto the sled. Jeremiah Malzahn/ Sun Star Photo credit: Jeremiah Malzahn


Dog Mushing

Dog mushers and their helpers came to UAF’s Beluga Field Saturday Feb. 25 to take members of the public for a ride, as well as teach a few mushing basics. Riders departed the sled with big smiles, and some immediately got back in line to ride again. Jeremiah Malzahn/ Sun Star


Tauseef Mahmood - GlowFest 1.jpg

Jacob Larson (right) with his team is all set to eliminate their opponents in Laser Tag game during the GlowFest on Saturday, Feb. 25 at SRC. Tauseef Mahmood/ Sun Star Photo credit: Tauseef Mahmood


Glow Fest

The SRC lights powered down and students powered up their blasters for a game on Saturday night. On Feb. 25, the recreation center turned into a battleground: classmate against classmate in a low lit game of laser tag. GlowFest was just one part of the festivities available at UAF’s Winter Carnival. For the students involved, the night was dark, but charged with energy. Kyrie Long/ Sun Star



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