Winter is staying for a little while longer

Grace Bieber/Sun Star Reporter
May 7, 2013

Snow and slush once again covers the Moore-Bartlett-Skarland lot on April 30, 2013. David Spindler/Sun Star

Snow and slush once again covers the Moore-Bartlett-Skarland lot on April 30, 2013. David Spindler/Sun Star

In April, Fairbanks experienced several waves of snow, a trend that has continued into May. The snow and cold temperatures are due to cold air being pushed into Alaska from the North Pole and Arctic Ocean, according to the U.S. National Weather Service. The Interior, South Central and Southeast have been hit the hardest by unseasonal cold temperatures.

The cold temperatures have prevented large bodies of frozen water such as the Yukon River from melting. If the weather warms up too quickly, instead of a gradual pace, it could cause the rivers to flood. Due to the weather, the UAF Paddle Club cancelled their annual trip because the river was still frozen, according to Lilly Grbavach, a Wild Life Biology student and employee of Outdoor Adventures. Adam McComb, an undeclared student changed his river trip plans into a skiing trip.

“I’m not actually that surprised,” said Biology student Roger Estelle, “I’m slightly disappointed that I’m not seeing the green grass grow or anything, I’m surprised that there was still snow during Spring Fest, but there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Though the snow made him a little depressed with finals week on the way, he says he made the best of the situation by throwing snowballs at his friends.“You can’t really throw a snow ball at someone in May, that’s one thing I look forward to,” Estelle said.

Students had mixed views about how the recent snow outbreak might affect their return to Fairbanks. Natasha Frey, an Elementary Education student, was shocked by the weather but said that, “weather is just something that you deal with.”

Art student Shelley Kubo, plans to return to Fairbanks next year, but says she may transfer if there is another prolonged winter.

Natural Resource Management student Brandy Flores, said that the snow helps motivate her to stay inside and study. Flores’ friends agreed, stating that they had been extra productive since it started snowing.


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