Wizard feast welcomes students

Students were invited to celebrate the start of a new semester by attending the Return to UAF Feast Saturday. The walls of Dine 49 were papered in faux-brick posters, witchy music played in the background and school and house crests hung festively behind a table strewn with wand-making supplies. Attendees were sorted into an Alaskan wizarding house at the DRAW-hosted event.

“The whole point was to get people interacting with people outside their groups… We wanted to give students the tools and resources to meet people outside of just their roommates,” Nicole Crenshaw, special events coordinator, said.

Student could be sorted into one of four houses, each based on an animals found in Alaska: Tikaanis, the “tried and true” wolves; Tulugaqs, the “cunning, witty” ravens; the “just and brave” Nanooks; and the “social, clever and fearless” whales, Arluqs. The invitation to the feast posted on the event’s Facebook page was written in the style of a Hogwarts acceptance letter, giving students secret codes and referring to DRAW as the “Ministry” rather than the Department.

Crenshaw, alongside Assistant Director of Wellness Kaydee Miller and DRAW Student Employee Meghan Heineken, spent most of the start of the event sorting attendees into their Alaskan houses. Crenshaw said the event was initially proposed as a Thanksgiving feast for student who’d be staying on campus or who wanted an excuse for a big meal with their friends before Fall exams began. After a “game of telephone,” the event morphed into a Harry Potter-style welcome back party. At the suggestion of a friend, Crenshaw helped give the event some particularly Alaskan flair.

Ellamarie Quimby - quimby_UAFfeast 01.jpg

(From left to right) Kaydee Miller, assistant director of wellness, Nicole Crenshaw and Meghan Heineken, DRAW employee, pose behind the photo booth of the house they were sorted into. – Ellamarie Quimby/Sun Star Photo credit: Ellamarie Quimby

Ellamarie Quimby - quimby_UAFfeast 2.jpg

Freshman wildlife biology student Parker Epple poses with his friend Robert Wilson, a freshman electrical engineering student. The two crafted wands at the Feast event and challenged each other to a duel in Dine 49. – Ellamarie Quimby/Sun Star

Ellamarie Quimby - quimby_UAFfeast 03.jpg

Students who participated in the Feast event were given meal vouchers to purchase their dinners with. – Ellamarie Quimby/ Sun Star Photo credit: Ellamarie Quimby

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Nesta Turay, first year engineering student, decorated a wand while he waited for his sorting quiz to be scored. Turay scored as a Nanook, “the just and brave." – Ellamarie Quimby/Sun Star Photo credit: Ellamarie Quimby

Ellamarie Quimby - quimby_UAFfeast 05.jpg

The “Ministry” of Recreation, Adventure and Wellness hosted the Return to UAF Feast in partnership with the Student Activities Office. The Harry Potter-themed event featured Houses inspired by the history and nature of Alaska, themed décor, wand-making and Harry Potter-inspired dishes. – Ellamarie Quimby/Sun Star Photo credit: Ellamarie Quimby

Ellamarie Quimby - quimby_UAFfeast 06.jpg

Feast participants were asked to fill out slips of paper with comments and suggestions about the event. They were invited to slip them into a large cardboard box labeled “OWL POST. – Ellamarie Quimby/Sun Star Photo credit: Ellamarie Quimby

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