Wood Center evacuated when fire alarm trips

JR Ancheta / Sun Star Reporter
April 26, 2011

University of Alaska Fairbanks Fire Department (UAFFD) evacuated the Wood Center Friday, April 22. UAFFD received a call at 9:10 p.m. from Wood Center staff reporting problems with the elevator. By 9:14 p.m., there was smoke reported to be coming from the elevator. The alarm was pulled and the building was evacuated, said Battalion Chief Greg Coon.

After the evacuation, firefighters dealt with the smoke problem inside the Wood Center. Electricians and a technician from Otis Elevators were called to aid the firefighters with the situation. Members of the public were not allowed inside the building until 9:55 p.m. after being given the all clear. Vendors and participants of the Student Activities Office’s Record Expo were allowed to pack up their items after this time. A concert at The Pub was also interrupted by the alarm but was allowed to finish after the building was deemed safe to return to.

There were no reported injuries and no apparent history of any problems with the Wood Center’s elevator.

UAF Fire Dept. Battalion Chief, Greg Coon, provides information and orders to Cody Rogers, Student Activities Office (SAO) director after receiving clearance to enter the building on Friday, Apr. 22. Rogers was supervising a Record Expo put on by SAO. Jeremy Smith/Sun Star


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