They know a lot of Young Fangs covers

Sam Allen/Sun Star Reporter
September 11, 2012

“They’re young… they’re good… they’re professional,” Cody Rogers said, the Assistant Director of the Student Activities Office.  Rogers was talking about Young Fangs, who played 2-day rock concert on Friday, Sept. 7 outside of the Wood Center and a couple hours later in The Pub. Josh and Brennan LaBuda, two brothers, are the forefront of the local indie group with bearded drummer Joel Fagre rounding it out.

Fagre was sporting a homemade shirt of a hand drawn Jesus wearing a Young Fangs t-shirt. His head bumped up and down as quickly as his drumsticks, with his shoulder-length brown hair bouncing to the beat. “I’ve been working on it for 3-4 years” Fagre said, in reference to his hair, highlighting his personality which can only be described as controlled enthusiasm.  Brennan LaBuda, the quietest one of the group, shared vocals, played guitar, and bass. He seemed almost comfortably lost when he looked out on crowd. The indie rockers were painfully passionate, their music resonating forth in a naked innocence.

The Young Fangs’s guitarist, Brennan Labuda performs “The Bucket” by Kings of Leon at the UAF Pub on Sep. 7, 2012. Annie Bartholomew/Sun Star

When the audience broke into applause at the end of a song, Josh LaBuda responded by saying that he had to take a moment to appreciate this because they’re not used to applause breaks, which only garnered more applause for the local indie band.

They even handled the typical “FREEBIRD!” request from the audience well with quip from Brennan LaBuda saying, “We know a lot of Young Fang covers.”  Josh dedicated a hauntingly hallow vibrant explosion of a song to his mother. She hasn’t seen the band play live yet, but has heard them rehearsing in the living room numerous times.

“It’s great to find a local band that cannot only play their instruments well together, but can also sing at the same time.” said Josh Hovis, a Young Fangs fan at the concert on Friday, Sept. 7.

They’ve come a long way since playing covers of Kings of Leon off a 30 watt amp in their garage.  Young Fangs now plays paid gigs regularly at UAF and the Marlin.  Young Fangs’ next performance will be in Anchorage on Sept. 15 at Taproot.

The Young Fangs bandcamp sums them up as “a few guys doing the most they can with what little they’ve got and a whole lotta heart.”

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