Zombies dance among us: Thrill the World 2010

By Rebecca Coleman
Sun Star Reporter

Zombies Kylie Rickards (left) and Cody Wordy (right) pose after dancing Michael Jackson's Thriller at the Wood Center on Sat. Oct-23.

At exactly 3 p.m. on Oct. 23, 15 UAF students and community members gathered to dance Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance. At that precise minute, they joined others from around the world in performing the Thriller dance in an attempt to break the world record for the largest simultaneous Thriller dance.

For UAF, Thrill the World began in 2008.  “Liza Krauszer and I were looking for how to do the Thriller dance and we randomly came across [Thrill the World] and thought it looked like fun,” said senior Ashleigh Strange, one of the founding members of the Fairbanks chapter of Thrill the World.  “Ever since I was young, I’ve liked the idea of a bunch of people spontaneously singing and dancing.”

This year, a total of 6,590 people from around the world participated in Thrill the World.  This wasn’t enough to break the record of 22,596 that was set last year, but participants had fun anyway.

“It’s cool doing this with the community and being with people from all different backgrounds,” said Stephen Wehe, junior.  “The whole world record thing is a bonus.”  Wehe has been a part of Thrill the World since Strange introduced it to UAF.

Last year, about 30 people came out to dance Thriller at UAF.  Even though this year’s turnout was smaller than in the past, Strange was optimistic.  “It’s cool to get the world record, but at the same time, it’s cool just to teach people this dance,” she said.

Thrill the World has become a tradition at UAF that will be continued next year. In case you missed the performance, you can watch the “zombies” perform at the Halloween Carnival in the Wood Center on Oct. 30.

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