ASUAF Recap, Dec. 11: Internal Affairs investigate ‘Bonerz Bonerz Bonerz’


In voting news, student government President Colby Freel commended the candidate “Bonerz Bonerz Bonerz” for their efforts at the last meeting of the semester.

“This person has run for office many many times, never completing a petition, but they sure work hard on those write-in votes,” Freel said.

The senators decided that, although the candidate had received an impressive level of support from the student body, the eligibility of “Bonerz Bonerz Bonerz” as a candidate is unlikely due to a lack of credits taken in the current semester. Further discussion was tabled until such time as Internal Affairs has met with “Bonerz Bonerz Bonerz” in order to confirm their eligibility as a candidate.

“I think it’s important that we laugh at ourselves,” Freel commented on the marked lack of seriousness regarding the topic. “I think we can be a bit standoffish at times to the student body, so in a moment of whimsy I decided that we could break with some of our formality and rigidness and show our human side.”


Joseph Yates was sworn in as the new ASUAF vice president, starting his term next semester. He was voted in unanimously by the senate after receiving the majority of the votes from the 7.3% of the student body that voted.


Present: Diane Murph, Joe Altman, Molly O’Scannel, Cordero Reid, Ivik Henry, Ben Anderson-Agimuk, Dawson Mann, Ryan Cain.

Not Present: Patrick Namwembe, Raymundo Lopez,

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