ASUAF Recap, Dec. 4: Senators reject Haven, buy coats


Senators approved $800 in ASUAF-branded apparel and took few other actions at Sunday’s lightly-attended ASUAF meeting.


The senators read a resolution to petition Chancellor Dana Thomas remove the $150 fine spent on Haven and replace it with a registration hold or other non-monetary penalty for a second time.

“Two-thirds of students disagreed or strongly disagreed with the use of the $150 fee,” the resolution reads.

The resolution also calls upon Thomas and the UAF administration to create a single credit, low cost course which would cover similar issues as Haven, as well as covering topics like research skills and financial literacy. The resolution passed unanimously.


The senate discussed President Colby Freel’s veto of the bill to create an endowment fund in honor of the late Erika Keiko, which would spend $9,000 from ASUAF’s rollover budget.

Colby’s veto decreased the amount of donated from $9,000 to $2,000, which many of the senators thought was “too low.”

The senators voted to override the veto with six in favor and one abstaining. However, when they read the rest of the veto, they realized Freel made a clerical error in the veto so its intention was unclear.

After discussion, Altman made a motion to suspend the “rules of order” and to table their action on the veto until the next meeting after gaining clarification from Freel.


The senate discussed purchasing ASUAF-branded apparel with $800 from the Senate Projects Budget. The bill stipulates that ASUAF employees and senators must serve at least one full term to keep their branded clothes. The bill was passed unanimously.


Present: Diane Murph, Joe Altman, Patrick Namwembe, Molly O’Scannel, Cordero Reid, Raymundo Lopez, Ivik Henry (late)

Not Present: Ben Anderson-Agimuk, Dawson Mann, Ryan Cain

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