ASUAF Recap, Jan. 22: Senators discuss self-defense workshop


The family of the late Erica Iseri, who was organizing the Iseri Scholarship fund, decided that they would rather create a scholarship lasting just five years, rather have an indefinite endowment fund. Since the family made a different decision, they gave the ASUAF Senate the option of retracting the $9,000 donation they made to the endowment fund in the fall semester.

The senators discussed whether they should maintain the $9,000 donation or retract the money and donate a lesser amount. The senate voted to maintain the donation, which passed with noted opposition. The donation is coming from ASUAF’s rollover budget.

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Senate Chair Ben Anderson-Agimuk attempts to clear up confusion following a vote at Sunday's ASUAF meeting. Josh Hartman/ Sun Star Photo credit: Josh Hartman

Last semester the Senate created a resolution calling for Chancellor Dana Thomas to remove the $150 fine for not completing the Haven and AlcoholEDU trainings as well as for the UAF administration to create a single credit course which would cover these topics and others important to new college students.

Student government president Colby Freel stated that the administration’s response will be removing the fine and making the training a requirement for registration and that the Faculty Senate will be in the process of approving a course over the next few semesters.

At the last ASUAF meeting in the fall semester, the Senate tabled a discussion on a bill due to confusion about President Freel’s veto—which included some clerical errors. The bill was to give $1,000 from ASUAF’s Rollover Budget to UAF Nanook Traditions to help fund the Governor’s Cup event. Freel’s veto changed the source of the money to be the Senate Projects Budget rather than the rollover one.

The senators took a vote to repeal the veto, which failed with four votes for the repeal, four against and one abstaining. Then Cordero Reid expressed concerns about the senator’s confusion regarding the vote and called for reconsideration.

This prompted Senate Chair Anderson-Agimuk to attempt to clear up any confusion by writing out the options and information on the chalkboard. The Senate then voted on the motion to reconsider their last vote. The motion failed with three for reconsidering and six against.

Ultimately the $1,000 will come from the Senate Projects Budget.

The Senate considered a bill to give $3,100 to the UAF Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club in order to host a Self-Defense Workshop. The plan would be to host the event in February as a three-part seminar taught by Anchorage instructors Brandon and Bruce Bibee who are “notably the most qualified in the state to teach physical, situational, and psychological self-defense,” according to the bill.

Raymundo Lopez made a motion to expedite the bill after Anderson-Agimuk emphasized the short time frame—since the event would be in late February. The motion to expedite failed with eight against, one abstaining and one for.

The bill was moved to the Student Relations Committee and will be voted on at next week’s meeting.


Samuel Mitchell and Brian Holst were confirmed to the ASUAF Senate.

Dawson Mann was nominated and confirmed as Executive Committee Chair; he was unopposed.


Present: Ben Anderson-Agimuk, Samuel Mitchell, Brian Holst, Dawson Mann, Molly O’Scannell, Cordero Reid (late, left early), Georgia Durden, Ivik Henry, Raymundo Lopez

Not Present: None

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