ASUAF Recap – March 04, 2012

Lakeidra Chavis/ Sun Star Reporter
March 6, 2012

Senators in attendance

Cervin, Kinnard III, Chambers, Zakurdaew, Holt, Netardus, Collingwood, O’Connor, Young, Burley and Brown

Senators absent

Burns-Shafer, Chamberlain, Golub, and Schurz

Officers in attendance

Freitag and Ball

Directors in attendance

Boiko and Banks

Senators  removed from the senate

Fred Brown made a motion to remove Timothy Grediagin from the senate due to excessive absences. Grediagin was removed by a vote of 8-4-2. John Netardus and Will Collingwood abstained. Michael Golub, Andy Chamberlain, Jesse Cervin and Jonathon Schurz voted against the motion. Chelsea Holt made a motion to remove Sophia Grzeskowiak-Amezquita from the senate due to absences. Grzeskowiak-Amezquita was removed by a 7-0-4 vote. Netardus, Golub, Collingwood and Brown abstained.Collingwood voluntarily removed himself from the senate due to excessive absences. Collingwood has to turn in the paperwork to make his resignation official.

Second chance 

Senator Brown made a motion to remove Golub due to absences. Golub was not removed from the senate by a 6-4-3 vote.  A two-thirds majority vote is needed to remove a senator. Golub was not removed form the senate due to the lack of a two-thirds majority vote. Netardus, Grediagin, Cervin and Schurz voted against the motion. Collingwood, Chamberlain, McKinley Zakurdaew and Cervin abstained. Collingwood made a motion to remove Zakurdaew from the senate due to abscenses. Zakurdaew was able to remain on the senate by a vote of 5-5-1. Netardus, Golub, Collingwood, Cervin and Brown voted against the motion. Rusty Young abstained from the vote.

Appointments confirmed

The university relations committee approved the appointment of Khrisstian Burns-Shafer to the elections board. His appointment was confirmed by a 6-0-1. Netardus voted against the appointment. The university relations committee also approved the appointments of Courtney Enright, Robert Kinnard III and Jennifer Chambers to the Student Awards Committee. All of the appointments were confirmed by the senate. Burley was appointed to the Internal Affairs committee chair by a vote of 6-0-3. Chamberlain, Cervin and Burley abstained.

Advocacy Follow-Up

“SB 178-008 Legislative Advocacy Follow-Up Trip” would allocate $3,000 to send some of the students who went to the 27th Annual Student Legislative Conference back to Juneau for follow-up advocacy.  President Mari Freitag, Government Relations Director Joshua Banks, senators Kinnard III and Chelsea Holt and student Bryant Hopkins will return to Juneau for the follow-up. Freitag and Banks will not use the money allocated from the bill but money set aside in their own travel funds. The bill was passed by a vote of 8-0-4.

Council Membership

“SB 178-05 The CTC Student Governance Council Membership” would establish an unspecified number of members on the CTC Student Governance Council and give ASUAF the ability to fill vacant seats. The bill was sent to the student affairs committee.

Senator Accountability

“SB 178-009 Senator Accountability” would allocate a $1 stipend to the senators. The bill was sponsored by Kinnard III. The stipend would help senators take their responsibilities seriously. Senators are not paid for their work and the bill would pay them for doing their job, including attendance, which has been an issue during the past three senate meetings. The bill was sent to the Internal Affairs committee. Kinnard III used a multi-colored fish puppet while speaking to convey the seriousness of his legislation.

Drink Safely

The Senate did not pass legislation “SB 177-014 Water Quality Testing”. The legislation would have allocated $800 to test UAF’s water. The bill did not pass by a vote of 4-6-1. Golub, Holt, Young, Zakurdaew, Cervin and Kinnard III voted for the bill. Netardus abstained.

Even senators need a break

Burley made a motion to cancel ASUAF’s next meeting on Sunday, March 12, in lieu of Spring Break. ASUAF will resume their weekly meetings on Sunday, Mar. 19.

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  1. Billy says:

    Fred Brown made a motion to remove Grediagan due to absences, but then voted against removing Zakurdaew for absences?

    Jesse Cervin is a retard for voting against removing chronically absent Senators. Same goes for Netardus.

    Why is Will Collingwood even voting after resigning?

    Good work dick heads!!!!

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