ASUAF Recap, Oct. 30: ASUAF runs a deficit, gets results of survey


Declining enrollment and a recent reduction to the student ASUAF fee paid by CTC students has student government operating at a deficit this semester.

President Colby Freel announced the government’s financial situation at the senate meeting Sunday and proposed a restructuring of the Student Recreation Center fee to help cover the deficit in the future.

“We’re running a deficit and we are also facing some need to expand our administrative support for our governance groups,” Freel said.


Due to the recent events concerning UAF’s handling of Title IX cases Freel and his cabinet created a survey to get students thoughts and information about the issue. The survey was opened for submissions on Sunday, Oct 30.


Government Relations Director Matt Mertes analyzed the results of student surveys that ASUAF released on Oct. 10.

Out of 420 responses, 73 percent of students regarded the 10 percent tuition increase as too much, according to Mertes.

UA President Jim Johnsen has proposed an additional five percent tuition increase for the year 2018, according to Freel.


The senate passed a bill to pay almost $1000 to a private company, Student Government Perks. This company will then create student discounts at 30 or more local retailers. Students will receive these discounts by showing their Polar Express card at participating businesses. The program will last for one year, according to Senator Raymundo Lopez.


The Senate passed a bill providing $9,250 to student clubs from the Clubs Grants and Projects Budget. The approved amount is not enough to cover all student clubs, so the Senate will determine how much cash is needed and will continue their discussion next week.


The Senate did their first reading of a bill that would officially endorse President Freel’s Strategic Plan. Freel’s plan features four areas of focus, engaging students, improving student access to information, accessing student opinions and improving advocacy and representation of student views..

“In my mind, that’s why student government exists — services and programming are valuable, but our highest purpose is to represent and advocate for students,” Freel said.

The bill was moved to the Executive Committee.


The Senate moved Senate Resolution of Appreciation for Erica Keiko Iseri from the Public Relations Committee to the Student Affairs Committee with unanimous support.



Patrick Namwembe accepted his nomination to the Senate Elections Board since another member stepped down due to a conflict of interest, according to Agimuk-Anderson. The Senate confirmed Namwembe unanimously.

The Senate approved the presidential appointment of Georgia Durden to the Senate unanimously.


Present:Ben Anderson-Agimuk, Ivik Henry, Raymundo Lopez, O’Scannel, Diane Murph, Joe Altman, Cordero Reid (late/left early), Dawson Mann and Patrick Namwembe

Not Present: Ryan Cain

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