Finals schedule includes Saturday

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The current fall final exam schedule runs from Dec. 16 – Dec. 19, which makes this another a semester where exams extend from Wednesday to Saturday.

Final exams are not during regular class times. Every exam is given a two hour period for completion. Since some class lengths are shorter or longer than the set exam period, classes were rearranged.

The purpose behind the change in the exam time from the typical class time is to avoid overlapping exams. This gives students an ample amount of time to complete the exam without feeling the need to rush, according to Sarah Fiedler, academic scheduling coordinator.

UAF Registrar’s Office department ensured students that they put in a lot of effort making finals week work for students, professors and university held events.

“We try to break it up [the exam schedule] as simple as we can,” Fiedler said.

Overall, Students were not thrilled to hear about the exam schedule extending to Saturday.

“I think it’s a horrible idea,” Freshman Tim Folker, said. “The way the semester is set up is my routine. If they change up the schedule, I have to change up my life to fit the schedule.”

“Saturday exams are awful,” sophomore wildlife biology student, Kaitlyn Lighthall, said.

“I feel like exams should end on Friday so I can go home on Saturday,” Freshman studying Biology,Trevor Jones said. Jones has to make an 18 hour drive to Juneau.

In addition to exam schedules, and studying for finals week, on-campus living students also have be aware of resident hall deadlines.

Students that are for returning for the Spring semester and plan on staying in the same room only need to make sure they unplug everything in their room before learning for winter break.

For students that are not returning for spring or are changing rooms, there is more of a process.

“The student needs to make sure the room is completely clean, and they are packed up before they meet with their Resident Assistant (RA) to check out,” Jessica Sueskind, senior RA, said.

All students in residential halls who aren’t staying for over the winter break must be fully checked and moved out by Sunday, Dec. 20 at 12 p.m.

Students living in Cutler and the Sustainable Village, who are not staying for spring semester, must move out by Monday, Jan. 4 by 12 p.m.

Any student that does not abide to the set move out dates will be subject to a fine.

In concerns to balancing move-out and exams, Sueskind advises students to manage their time wisely and not to forget these dates.

If there are any questions about move-out options, residents can seek the help of their RAs.

For students who are concerned about exam times, Fiedler said the best thing to do is to talk to the professor. Some are at liberty to change to another available time and if they cannot, there is the possibility of making separate arrangements.

Fiedler encourages students to take a look at the exam schedule on the finals website or to check their Blackboard to find their specific schedule.

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