From the Archives, Dec. 13, 1974: ‘News Briefs: Big brother installed UA library’

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Jim Leirer / Polar Star

A modern device to solve an old fashioned problem is being installed at the Rasmuson Library. It’s an electronic security system similar to the security systems seen in many airports.

Although the library does not have an inventory of their approximately 35,000 books, they are quite sure that some theft occurs. This is not only costly to the library, but quite often the books are not replaceable.

The basic process of the security system uses aluminum plates placed inside the covers of the books. When a student goes through the system he hands any library books he has to the patron. They are checked for return dates, while the students continues through the system. If the student is hiding any books the electronic buzzer will go off and, a gate will go down, preventing the student from leaving. Some types of jewelry may have the same effect as the aluminium plates.

Installation of the system is expected to be completed by the start of next semester, when it will go into operation.

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